About Family

Shaniece was brought up in a very warm family environment. It won’t be wrong to say that to her, the family held the top priority. Her parents were the school sweethearts who knew each other since the age of sixteen. She saw another fairy tale when her elder sister Linda married her beau right after completing her higher education. To Shaniece life was nothing but a beautiful one until the day she finds her sister struggling…

That Was Strange

As Shaniece was walking towards Linda’s house, she saw her brother-in-law Josh. He was sitting in his red truck and had a very stern look on his face. She stopped by him to greet him, but strangely Josh went pass her without meeting her. Shaniece found it a little awkward but did not bother much about it. It was only after she met Linda, things made sense.


Shaniece for an instant couldn’t believe what Linda told her. She then took her to her instincts and recalled that even her parents asked Linda to not marry at such an early age. And it was probably there immature behavior that they have landed in such a bad phase today. But Linda had an entirely different story to tell her. They were sad as their efforts of becoming parents ended in vain.

A Sacrifice

Initially, Linda did not agree of Josh’s idea but after much convincing, she agreed. They invited Josh’s sister over their place to ask if she was ready to make such a big sacrifice for his brother and his family. The couple did not invest in much hopes with the sister as they knew it was something too much to ask someone for asking someone to be a surrogate mother.

Best Experience

In words of Shaniece,it was a beautiful experience for her. Something she would cherish forever. She says that it is no less than a pure bliss to feel some movement inside you. Moreover, she also thanks Jonna and Steve for their tremendous support throughout her difficult phase.