When you drive, you need to be cautious and always alert. You can always meet with an accident not just because of your mistakes but because of others’ carelessness too. This is one reason why cops are always on the loop, running around to make sure people abide by the traffic rules. This guy here was driving around with his girlfriend when suddenly a police officer pulled them over. He asked the guy to get out of his car. It turned out to be for something totally unexpected that left the girlfriend in tears…

The Worst Case

So when the driver got pulled over by a cop, the girlfriend reacted in a way that any partner would. She could feel her heart pounding heavily. She felt helpless and was struggling to come up with ways to rescue her boyfriend who was interrogated by the officer. She saw from a distance her lover being handcuffed and made to kneel. She could not come to terms that this was actually happening to them right now…

Being Questioned Too

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And it was especially puzzling for the poor girl because this was totally unexpected. She and her boyfriend were so far, as she could recall, not behaving in such a way that would leave him handcuffed. They were abiding by the traffic laws so to see him that way made her quite lost. But she certainly did not wish to be handcuffed like him. Then while she was panicking on the side, she was given a question that would change her life…

Speeding Up?

This incident was not new to the couple who had been dating for quite a while now. It turned out that this was not the first time Sam Watson had witnessed her partner, Austin Urhahn, get pulled. There had been several times that he had been questioned by the cops. He was actually quite familiar with this routine and so for him, it might not have been that devastating. But for Sam, it was still a scary sight.

Thrill Seeker

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So her boyfriend Austin was actually a lover of speed and racing. He absolutely adored motorcycles and fast cars. He loved the thrill that a fast vehicle brought to his senses. Austin loved to ride them and the faster they were the better for him. Since he was just a young boy, he had always been hard worked because he wanted to get his dream vehicle. And the effort he had placed on doing so paid off later.

Hot Rod

Ever since he was a kid, Austin had always been fascinated with cars and bikes. So he decided to make a living out of this. He was actually able to put his passion for the motor world into good use as he flips used cars for a good profit. He did an excellent job at doing his work so it obviously paid quite well. He had his eyes on buying a Honda motorcycle for a long time.

A Proud Owner

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Austin worked on many cars and was brilliant at fixing them and giving them an enhancement. So he could save up a lot because he had quite a few clients. He had saved enough to be able to buy a black 2006 Corvette and so he finally became a proud owner of one. His pride and joy lay on this beautiful car that he recently bought. He was lucky because he could rejoice with his lovely girlfriend too.