A Jolly Man

Gary wasn’t only known because of the 20 plus years he has been working at the Parker County Jail but also because of his extrovert personality. He was a happy man with a glowing smile on his face. People loved his jokes and he loved to make others laugh. This was his unsaid part-time business at the jail that he always used to take pride in. Little did he know one of his jokes wasn’t going to end well.

On Duty

It was a summer day in 2016 and Gary Grim was off for his usual shift. He parked his car at its usual place and walked till the jail’s entrance gate where he signed his entry time and went inside. So far, everything was normal, no signs of any breakout, nothing suspicious at all until he started his shift.

Aware Of The Risk

Gary, as we mentioned earlier, was an experienced man. Over the years, he got used to all the possibilities that might take place. He was least scared of anything as he has been doing his job properly for so many years. But that day he was alone…

One For So Many

For Gary who was least aware of what lay next was going to start his working shift at the courthouse. That day was going to be a tough one, and the shift was going to be a long short one. His role was to keep an eye on the holding cell and all the inmates inside it. But things weren’t going to be as expected.

Being Recorded

Even when no one else was there to notice what was going on, the whole incident got recorded on the CCTV camera. Well, nobody was even noticing the live recording from the CCTV room and that’s why things turned to worse.

Escaping The Cell

The prisons are overcrowded places and that’s why most of the news we hear of the prisons are either related to rioting or attempts for escaping. But that afternoon was all about the unusual. All the inmates behind those bars were his responsibility.