Firefighter, A Poodle And A Burning Building

A brave fireman, Ray Spellmyer, ran into the lap of a fatal situation of a burning residential building to save a poodle. The raging fire had left an absolute carnage wherever it went but the savior of the poodle didn’t turn away from saving the poodle. The poodle was scared but uninjured thanks to Ray Spellmyer.

Human Chain For A Dog

A dog had fallen into a raging waterway in a dam and was on the brink of drowning. A group of friends who were passing by saw the dog falling and decided to save it. They formed a chain and rescued the dog by risking their lives. 

Man Saves A Beached Dolphin

A high tide had seen a baby dolphin wash up to the beach. The fish was struggling, fighting the death which would soon engulf it when it was saved by a hero. The man picked the baby dolphin up, easing it as he went, and made sure it was deep enough in the ocean to swim back to safety.

Dog Rescued From A Collapsed Building

A little innocent dog was trapped and left struggling for its life when the building it lived in had collapsed. The firemen working at the scene realized that there was a life that could be saved and jumped into the rubble and saved the puppy, risking their own lives trying to navigate the precarious building.

Old Man And His Dog

The picture here tells a tale of absolute compassion and dedication. The old man was in the midst of a flood but couldn’t leave his pet dog behind. He hoisted his full grown dog on his back and then starts to navigate through waist-high waters to get himself and the dog to safety.

Men Save A Dog From Alligators

A few men, traversing through an alligator-filled swamp on a mini boat, saw a huge dog trapped in the swamp, waiting for its death. The men jumped off of the boat and rushed to the dog’s aid. The dog was rescued from the dangerous swamp and delivered to an animal shelter.