The world seems a terrible place when you see what’s going on in the news. Talks of poverty, death, and corruption can be disturbing. But when you see the pictures featured here of people saving helpless animals, unconcerned about their own lives, it will restore your faith in humanity and inspire you to be selfless more often.

The Saving Graces For A Drowning Sheep

Two young men saw a little baby sheep drowning in a heavy flowing stream and jumped right in to save it. When they couldn’t save it from land one of the men caught his buddy’s hand and jumped into the water. They saved it from an inevitable death.

Kid Dodges Traffic To Save A Dog

A little boy saw a dog run into traffic and get hit by a car. He ran straight into the oncoming traffic to save the dog from being run over by a car. Without any concern for his own life, the little hero saved the life of an innocent being, even though it took every ounce of strength in him to do it.

Man Saves A Deer Fawn

A deer fawn was almost dead after being a victim of a flood. A man saw the baby deer dropping into the water and jumped straight into the raging flood without a care in the world. Our hero held the deer up over his head while he held his breath underwater. You can only imagine how difficult the swim to safety must have been.

Kid Saves A Puppy From Flood

The photo is a proof in itself of the struggle this little child went through to save this little puppy who was drowning in a flooded area. The inevitable watery grave of the little pup was broken into by the child who waded through the heavy flood and saved the puppy’s life.

The Piglet On The Roof

The picture is from an area affected by flood where a little piglet was stuck on a roof. While men were running rescue operations, they saw the stranded pig and immediately went to its rescue. The men ran up the room and delivered the little animal to safety.

Rescuing A Kitten From A Burning House

A lady fireman ran into a burning building where she saw a kitten trapped in a window. The brave hero ran out of the burning building with the little kitty in her arms and the cat hung to her like she was her mother. Animals are incredible.