When the World Wrestling Entertainment or WWE was founded in 1980, it was majorly a stage dominated by the male wrestlers. Only in the early 1990s were female wrestlers introduced, and hence was the conception of the ‘Divas’, whose presence could range anywhere from a female wrestler, manager, valet, backstage interviewer or even a ring announcer. While the male-dominated arena is a thing of the past, and females are participating more than ever, we can’t help but have a quick reminisce about the original Divas of WWE.



This famed wrestler joined WWE in 2000 and been known all over the world for her signature red hair and a tomboyish persona. She was once a member of Team Xtreme along with her ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy. She has gone on to win the women’s Championship 4 times while her WWE career lasted.


Victoria has been known to be quite an accomplished bodybuilder when she first appeared in WWE in 2009. It was in the year of 2002 when she took the career of a wrestler full-time. During her time she was seen having a lot of feuds with Trish Stratus. Before her retirement in 2009, she won the title of Women’s championship twice. Now she’s a proud owner of 2 restaurants along with her very own car shop in the state of Kentucky.

Stacey Keibler


This former NFL cheerleader made quite a name for herself in WWE as well. She is very well known amongst her fans for her racy entrances to the ring. Ever since she ended her career in the ring she has been seen on hit tv shows like dancing with the stars and other sitcoms. During this time she also dated George Clooney. Now she is married with a baby girl named Ava.



This muscular athlete is one of the very first women who has gone on to challenge male wrestlers in the ring. She is also the only lady in the WWE history to have won the Intercontinental Championship. She left the world of WWE in 2001 after some problems with her hubby Triple H. Following this she appeared in a few reality shows.

Torrie Wilson


This gorgeous wrestlers career lifted off in 2001 after she had been working with WCW for a couple of years. She is one of the most controversial wrestlers as in most of the matches she fought, they would end up with the removal of her clothes. She left WWE in 2008 after which she starred in the NBC’s hit show I’m a Celebrity, get me out of here.

Stephanie McMahon

This talented lady has often been in the headlines for the most violent storylines occurring inside the ring. She is the daughter of WWE CEO Vince McMahon. She is currently married to Triple H and is a mother of 3. She also serves as the current Chief Brand Officer of WWE.