One of the most beautiful phases in a couple’s life is when they realize that they are no longer a couple but soon are going to be a family of three. The news of the unborn baby fills their life with cheer, joy, and happiness. Though all those who are not alien to parenthood says, “Parenthood is the scariest hood, one will ever go through”.

While its a challenging one, Nia and Robert Tolbert had to face the scariest side of it. Life was as usual to them until Nia got pregnant, surprisingly, for the third time. And the unbelievable occurrence that was highlighted in her third pregnancy’s ultrasound even left the medical world baffled. All they had to say was, “Is this even possible?”

Rare Scenario

Nia and Robert Tolbert were a couple madly in love with. They were the residents of Waldorf, Maryland. The 24 hours of their day were devoted to each other and all they knew was, it is love all around. Just like any other couple they too were eager to taste parenthood. However, things turned out in an unexpected manner. All of Nia’s pregnancies were exceptional cases, but the third one was so rare that it shocked the doctors worldwide.