You all must have heard people saying, “Love Is In The Air”. Often the youngsters who had just fallen in love use these words a lot. All they see around are roses, happiness, love, couples. While all these synonyms for love seem to be sweet and exciting in the initial days, one gets to face the real challenges of being in love in the later stages of life.

The duo assumed that their lives have been perfect, but a lot of their illusions broke when Jack drafted a letter to Laura. While Jack had been chuckling assuming that he did his best bid, Laura throws an even bigger oddball towards her darling husband.

Lost It

Tears rolled down her cheek. The letter slipped from her hands. Every word in the letter seemed to be true. And all she whispered to herself was, “And that’s a wrap to seven long years of marriage”. It was shocking to read those words, but she really did not know, who was at fault, was it she or was it her husband? And then she writes an equally appalling letter in response.