Arizona’s Superstition Mountains have been a magnet for generations of adventurers and treasure hunters. Many who come to the mountains seeking riches never return. In the 17th century, a miner called the Dutchman (Jacob Waltz) came out of the Mountains successfully. Something had kept him going when others would have given up.  For days he had traveled alone under the blazing sun. What was the secret that gave him the strength to survive? It was the treasure. Great nuggets of gold. The Dutchman said he found a mine full of it. He would never be strong enough to go back to it.

Since then many have ventured these mountains to find the said treasure and have failed for different reasons, this explorer tried his luck too, but what happened to him is not easy to guess. Also, did he manage to find that treasure or not?

The Apache Thunder God

The Superstition Mountains are assumed to be ruled by the Apache Thunder God.  There are some skeptical people who believe that the mines or the gold do not exist in the first place but there are others who failed in trying to seek these mines. This, however, did not discourage this one adventurer and he went ahead to venture these territories. Did he find the treasure or not?

The Centre Of A Magic Circle

The search for gold begins at the Weaver’s Needle. Some explorers believe that it is the center of a magic circle that contains the untold wealth of a lost civilization. Inexplicable magic powers have been attributed to the area. The Lost Dutchman  Goldmine could well be the most well known and mysterious Goldmine in the history of America. People have been trying to find the mines since the 19th century, the time they were supposed to have been discovered. 8000 people annually are reported to make an effort to find the mines and most of them failed. The shiny element that is gold has always attracted and hypnotized mankind with its luster. The gold mine, hidden somewhere deep in the secrets of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains have not surprisingly lured thousands of people towards it and these men have never been successful.

Caves Guarded By Spells And Snakes

Today we bring you the story of one of these men, named Ron Feldman, who was ambitious like his fellow explorers. He had seen men fail before him but he still was determined to find this unexplored uncharted territory. The community of the Apache Indians is known to be the first settlement here. The Apache have always related differently to the superstitions. They say that the mountains hide a sacred cave guarded by rattlesnakes charged with lightning bolts. Some say that the Dutchman tore his gold from the walls of the secret Apache cave. The natives, however, did not stay in peace for long. Invaders came and tore their civilization apart to possess gold.

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The Hungry Spaniards

Spain’s conquerors penetrated the mountains looking for the legendary kingdom of Cibola. They believed that Cibola was composed of 7 cities made of pure gold. The Indians revealed to them that it was indeed true that the mountain contained gold but they were adamant in refusing to provide any kind of help to the invaders as they were afraid that Thunder God would punish them or an intruder. Sometime later even the Spaniards admitted that the place was under some unknown protection.


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Result Of Invasion

For hundreds of years, Spanish travelers had tried to discover the mines of the Superstition Mountains area. The interesting thing is that all the men who tried to discover the truth about the mysterious treasure, all failed in their conquests. The reasons could not be found for this. Were there effort not up to the mark? Was it the Thunder God or the Apache people? To prove his countrymen wrong, Don Miguel Peralta, a Spaniard went to the said location to find the gold. However, he did not know that his overconfidence came with a price. The Apache had come to develop a hatred for the Spaniards because of their incessant invasion in their native region. It was during this time in 1845 that the Peralta family, like many others, came to Arizona, looking for gold. Even though they owned a profitable ranch in Sonora, Mexico they decided to get into the gold mining business to make more money. It is said that Don Miguel found the gold mine and that too without any hassle. He was surprised by the fact that he found the place very easily and planned to come again to the place with his troops. However, he could not.


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