The figure of Barbie plays a big role in the lives of kids, mostly girls and as a result, the unrealistic beauty standards that the doll perpetuates have long been debated. If little girls grow up playing with dolls which are tall, have an ultra slim waist, long legs and ample chest with their hair always being shiny and blonde- that is the image of an ‘ideal’ looking woman that subconsciously form in their mind and a lot of girls end up wanting to achieve those unachievable figures too.
One woman from Ukraine took these beauty standards too seriously and did everything to look like Barbie. The result? She looks more like a doll and strangely inhuman. What all did she do to achieve a Barbie-like aura? This is the story of human Barbie.

Before She Became Barbie

This is Valeria Lukyanova who was born in a small European place called Moldava and now she lives in Ukraine.  Like many young girls, she too was exposed to the world of Barbie dolls and had her own collection with each Barbie have its exclusive set of everything.
But she was not just interested in playing House with them or marrying them to male doll figures. She was attracted to the unnatural symmetry of their bodies.

Growing Up Normal

human barbie
Moldova was still a part of USSR when Valeria was growing up. Irina, her mother, used to work for the Russian army and her father was a builder by day and a DJ by night. She was beautiful as a child. And as a grown-up teenager too.

Her parents never read much into her obsession for Barbie dolls. They considered it normal for girls her age. But even when she was a teenager, her obsession did not wane.

Life Changing Decisions

human barbie
Her father’s seemingly opposite dual jobs gave Lukyanova the liberty to choose whatever career she wanted. Even go in the unconventional directions.
When things began heating up between Russia and Ukraine, Valeria decided to get out of there and get somewhere far from the war. So she decided to go where a lot of people go to hoping to turn their lives- Mexico. This complete change in her location, was it in some way responsible for her unconventional choice of career?

Not Like Her Parents

human barbie
While growing up Valeria saw her parents struggle to make ends meet and she knew that she did not want to do something to just ‘survive’. Valeria also had a sibling sister. Valeria did not want a mundane job or life. At a young age itself, she decided she wanted to be different.
That in mind, she began thinking of ways of unconventional methods to support herself. She was beautiful, according to the societal standards and she knew it. So she decided to go for modeling.

Before Her Transformation

Valeria did not turn into the human Barbie overnight. She turned many heads with her natural beauty. Modeling world worked well for her and in 2007, she won the Miss Diamond Crown of the World. It is speculated that she had some surgeries and enhancements back then but nothing appeared too out of ordinary.
However, her childhood obsession with Barbie was taking over her more powerfully now and she decided to give in to it.

It Begins

Initially, Valeria denied any reports of getting surgeries and/or enhancements. But turning into a real-life Barbie meant that she had to make some drastic changes in her lifestyle to achieve that ‘unachievable’ figure. It was alleged that she got breast enhancement done and she liked the change. Wanting to see how close she could get to becoming a Barbie Valeria took other steps too.
Along with all this, her interest in the supernatural world was increasing. She believed in aliens and other strange things and she started dwelling in that too.