We all know that smallest of happiness matters the most and it can be a bar of chocolate or it can be a smile on someone’s face. What mattered a lot for a young guy was not now left in bits and pieces.

People have a different kind of bonding with their first vehicles. One always has sweet memories of the vehicle even if it is a second-hand rusty truck. Andrew Sipowicz felt like the happiest person on this planet when he finally bought his first car but this happiness wasn’t going to last for too long, thanks to the irresponsible people around.

Baseballer At His Best

Last year, Andrew Sipowicz, a 20-year-old, was a baseball lover since his childhood. During his school days, his talent was highly admired in his school and many inter-school tournaments. His game was remarkable as a pitcher when he played and it didn’t take much efforts to get selected in the high school baseball team. And soon he was going to start playing at the college level as well.

College Campus

Andrew who resided in Buffalo, New York applied for majoring in Biology from the Canisius College. The college has a vast campus and more than 3o buildings, an adequate place that many students wanted to join in. Andrew’s grades looked good and he was expecting to be selected anyway but the struggle was for a different thing.

Scholar Or Not?

Andrew was applying for the scholarship not because his family couldn’t afford his studies but because he had one more goal to achieve. In order to fulfill this dream, Andrew was supposed to get the scholarship but what was this dream? It was a deal he made with his parents, John and Sharon Sipowicz.

Ford Mustang

Ever since he saw a Ford Mustang for the first time in his childhood, Andrew dreamt of owning one. A big size poster of the car has been hanging on his room’s wall for a couple of years now. His parents were aware of his liking for the car but it was too costly. They preferred to wait till the time Andrew is responsible enough to take care of it. But sometimes things just aren’t in one’s control and same was going to happen with Andrew.

Time Has Come

Andrew was working a part-time job from quite a while to save enough to buy the car of his dreams. Yet, the money wasn’t enough. On seeing his son’s passion for this car, John decided to help on one condition though. He wanted him to qualify for the college scholarship program and only on that condition, his father will contribute for the car.

Scholar Boy

After seeing all his records, and entrance results, he was eventually granted the fellowship at Buffalo’s Canisius College. As John wouldn’t have to pay for his son’s college fees and so he can invest in his car. But neither John nor Andrew was aware of the bad day they were going to face soon.