No Place To Go

The old man had no place to sit now so he cleaned the place where he was standing with his hands and sat there still lost in thoughts. The woman was now intrigued and wanted to know more about him so she started to converse with the man saying that she always sees him sitting there on the bench and inquired about his home and family.

Telling The Truth

Tears started to roll down his cheeks as he heard the question. She had never seen him crying like this and apologized to him. He became silent for a while and then opened his mouth to say something but he was too overwhelmed with emotions that no words came out of his mouth, no matter how much he tried. Then after a while, he faced her and started telling his story


He told her that he wasn’t homeless instead, he had a family but due to some reason, he had separated from his family. And now with this touseled overgrown hair and miserable condition, no one would even recognize him anymore. The woman was moved to tears when she heard his story and couldn’t withhold her emotions and silently left the place.

Mrs. Hot Hands

When she reached her salon, all she could think was the old man and his story. The woman was known for her generous nature and ran a salon. People loved her and her creative style of cutting hair, she was often named as “Mrs. Hot¬†Hands”. She had been in this business for years and had changed the lives of numerous people by giving them trendy hairstyles.


That day her mind was not in peace with her heart and she wasn’t able to focus on her work. So she thought of taking a break from the routine and walked in the corridors for a while. She had always helped people in her life in whatever ways that were possible and now she couldn’t think of any way in which she could help him. Would she be able to find a way out to help him?

Finding Out

When she was returning home from her salon, she stood still at a distance watching the old man. Her coworker too stood there by her side and asked why did she stop abruptly. She pointed towards the man and asked if she knew something about him. She recited the same story as he did in the morning but she also told her that he had 4 kids, 11 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren and he desires to meet them.