Africa is a haven for diverse wildlife. The versatile terrain and untouched forests prove to be ideal for the existence of flora and fauna. One species that dominate the terrain of Africa is that of elephants. African Elephant is the largest mammal on land. That is very helpful for them as they can dominate over other animals but their weight can sometimes prove disadvantageous to them. That is what happened in the case of a baby elephant. When its herd was forced to abandon it, help came in the most unexpected way. But was that help really helpful?

Beautiful Africa

When the word Africa is spoken, an image of a natural, more simpler life comes to the minds of most people. That is probably because there are still some lands there untouched by human settlement or well, just partially explored. This gives space to a lot of animal and plant species to flourish there naturally. The varied wildlife includes mammals, snakes, birds and a number of predators. The place has almost 300 different species of mammals and over 850 species of birds! Among these can be found largest mammal on earth. 

Gigantic Elephants

As mentioned earlier the African Elephant is the largest mammal on land. They weigh up to 6.6 tons and a full-grown elephant stands at 10ft height at the shoulder! That description itself is enough to prove that they are not animals that should be messed with; their size itself scares off most predators. Even though they are huge and are capable of taking on any danger individually, elephants are known to rely on their social network. 

We Are Family

A lot of animals travel in packs. Deers, horses, hyenas, giraffes- but mostly it is out of protective instinct that they do so. With elephants, it is their social instinct that makes them travel in a herd. As the largest land mammal, they are more than capable of taking care of themselves, however, their strong attachment to their family makes them stick together. The family consists of very particular members.

Who Runs The World?

The males usually leave the herd when they hit puberty, to go looking for females from other herds but the females travel together, a matriarch taking care of the entire family including all the young ones. They are not used to abandoning each other in times of need but this case was different. They travel in a herd, with a matriarch and help each other in times of danger and need. That is what a herd tried to do when a baby elephant needed them, but they could not, with all their power, help him.

What Happened

The video you are about to see was recorded in one of the Elephant parks in South Africa. A herd of elephants was out to enjoy at one of the natural pools. And it is natural for mud to be around. Most baby elephants like rolling in mud as it cools the skin. However, after pool time when it was time to leave, the herd saw that it could not do so. Something was wrong with one of their baby members and it baffled all of them. The baby elephant seemed to be struggling, it became clear later, what the problem was.

Stuck In Muck!

When this video is looked at closely, one can see that the baby elephant was pinned in the muddy pool, unable to get out. It could not get out and the elder members of the herd decided to help the little one because elephants are known for their strong family instincts. They do not leave any member behind. Two elders were trying to push the little one from the back and another baby elephant possibly the sibling of the first one seemed to be wanting to help from the front but it also appeared cautious so as to not fall in the mud pit itself.