The Runaway Bride’s Story

While we have read plenty of stories about runaway bride, I bet you must have never read a story involving a runaway bride a couple of French bulldogs. But this is a story that is emerging straight from Brazil, where a 26-years-old bride named Nina Mandin decided not to go through with her wedding and the reason behind this decision of hers will leave you absolutely shocked

A Girl and Her Bulldogs

A young lady from Brazil named Nina Mandin was soon be engaged. The couple who were soon to become man and bride had been together for a very long time, though it wasn’t nearly as long as this her two adorable French bulldogs had been with Mandin. Their bulldogs weren’t just pride and joy of her family, they were soo much more than that..

Meet Gucci and Victoria

Throughout all the ups and downs in Mandin’s life, these dogs had been loyal companions to her. Through her journey from the various apartment, from numerous relationships, from her college graduation to her life as a responsible adult, these two Bulldogs have been by her side throughout her life. The two delightful dogs here in question are named Gucci and Victoria.

The Package Deal

Some would go as far as to say that three of them were an inseparable trio. They were what you can call a package deal, and whoever wanted Mandin to be a part of their life, they needed to accept these cute pups too. For most of the part, Mandin’s new fiancé seemed to be accepting of these Gucci and Victoria. He would often see them when he used to visit Mandin at her place, but now that they were getting married, Mandin started noticing some peculiar behavior from his side.

Victoria’s Odd Behavior

Only after a few months, Mandin started noticing a shift in behaviors in beloved Victoria. Her French bulldogs had started acting in a way that was absolutely not like themselves. She started being less energetic, would act very timid around both strangers and her mom Mandin. Upon making a closer inspection she noticed something bizarre about her dog’s appearance. She noticed some dark patches extending from her back to all the way to her belly. They looked like bruises, but there wasn’t a way to be sure.

Gucci and His Odd Behavior

Not long after Victoria was examined, Mandin also noticed that even Gucci was acting a bit strange. This tiny puppy would stay quiet most of the time and had now stopped playing with both Mandin and Victoria. She thought that both her dogs had been experiencing similar issues. But what exactly it was still bewildered her. She examined Gucci’s belly as well and noticed similar marks as she had earlier noticed on Victoria’s body.