Inspiring People

Shannon inspires so many people through her blog on living a healthy life. She says that even though she believes in nutrition, for her healthy food does not mean bland food. She said, “I love to cook nutritious, wholesome food that is preservative, additive and artificial everything free. I prefer to use ingredients that are as close to their natural state as possible and have been through minimal processing.”

Change In Lifestyle

Shannon is an advocate of changing diet and is a follower of Paleo herself. But she also believes there are other aspects which can help us lead a healthy lifestyle. For example, she believes that yoga and meditation have long term positive results in the overall improvement of an individual’s health.

Social Media Influencer

Not only is Shannon popular for her blog, but she has also gained the reputation of a social media influencer because of her Instagram. She gives out honest reviews of products after testing and trying them herself. These products include natural skin products, organic coffee, an app for home workouts, etc.


After the immense success of her blog, Shannon decided to make her recipes more accessible for her followers. So she released a bunch of ebooks with healthy recipes, that are gluten, sugar, dairy, and grain-free. These books not only give recipes but also tips on following a healthy lifestyle.

Mother-Daughter Bonding

Shannon has always taught Grace the importance of living a healthy life and over the years it has become something they both have bonded over. Shannon lets Grace join her in her product review videos, where Grace unboxes the products. She hopes Grace will incorporate healthy habits in her life as she grows up on her own.

The Bright Side

Apart from the obvious criticism, Shannon has received tremendous love and admiration from people who applaud her on her health and lifestyle choices. She doesn’t believe in forcing her choices on anyone or acting superior for her choices but only wishes to impart knowledge and raise awareness. She knows when people implement healthy choices in their lives, they will be automatically hooked.