How often does anyone plans on doing anything good for you just to make you feel special? What if a stranger takes that feeling of special away from you? Not understanding what we are trying to say here?

Well, Kylee Fratto, a beautiful woman from Kansas City, Missouri was completely in love with her boyfriend named Jeff Horner who resided in Independence, Missouri. Everything about their relationship was just so perfect and the two were soon planning to take the next big step together. While everything was going fine they were soon going to encounter a chain of events that will be giving them a lesson for a lifetime. Jeff who was just willing to do the best for his girlfriend never thought it will suddenly make things so disappointing for both of them.

If anytime soon you are planning to surprise anyone, we are sure that this story will certainly cross your mind at least once.

Kylee And Jeff

Jeff Horner first saw Kylee Fratto after her work hours. They met through a mutual friend and immediately felt a spark in each other. They loved hanging out together and understood each other quite well. They thought that it’s just the beginning phase of their relationship and that’s why everything felt sweet and lovely, but their relationship went on growing stronger with time.