Are you well acquainted with each and every corner of your house, especially the backyard?  If the answer is yes then read this story. This will surely make you rethink your answer.  This man had no idea about what was hiding in his backyard for years. But when he found out, believe me, he had never been so surprised in his entire life.

Something peculiar in the backyard


If you’ve ever bought a new house, you’ll be well aware of all the challenges that come with the new piece of property. Even though you hire professionals to perform an inspection. Sometimes you are still met with unpleasant surprises left by the previous tenants. However, In some rare instances, these surprises can add to the value of your house.

Upon Inspecting the blueprints left by the previous house owners this guy stumbled upon something peculiar in the backyard.

X marks the spot!!


In order to unravel the mystery hiding behind his house, He decided to call upon a metal detector expert. After thoroughly going through every inch of his land. The expert decided to mark two spots with X where he suspected the mysterious bounty is most likely to be buried. By looks of it, This guy is either looking at multiple treasures or one a single huge one.

The buried treasure


This man’s mind was going crazy with anticipation. The possibilities of what might be buried here were endless. One could expect to find the remaining artifacts from a war fought long ago. Or maybe a treasure chest buried by some dubious individual, It might be a time capsule forgotten by a group of friends long ago.

A strange finding


He embarked on the endeavor to unravel the great mysteries that had slumbered beneath his land for a time long forgotten. Upon digging in only a few inches the man encounters a mysterious looking metal pipe, Though with its current state it was anyone’s guess as to what it actually was.

Time to open the lid


As the digging progressed in his backyard. A huge metal plate started to surface from the dirt. upon closer inspection, it became clear that it was a lid. but what mysteries lie slumbering in such a peculiar place and why was it covered with such heavy lid.

Was it a doorway or a prison Gate?


the lid weighed very much and was held in place by highly secure locks and handles. it makes one wonder what kind of a secret was hiding here in this place, was it built as an entrance to an underground facility or was it trap meant to lock something inside the ground.