Ground Staff at Airport:

Ground crew, or famously known as ground staff is the team that works at the airport in the aviation industry. The ground staff is responsible for taking care of the comfort of every passenger. Not just before the passengers enter their flight, but also after they have arrived after a flight at the airport. Ground staff airport job is a good option that you can choose if you are hardworking and energetic.

The number of flights is increasing with the number of planes. With the development of the economy, even the number of passengers is increasing. Therefore, the demand for ground staff is also increasing. In fact, ground staff at the airport is called cabin crew as well. The cabin crew jobs require you to make sure that the travel of each passenger is a smooth one. The members of the ground staff are the first individuals that a passenger encounters as he enters the airport. It is very important that the passenger’s experience with the ground staff leaves a good impression. Because the staff member represents the whole airline to the passenger before he/she can move further with the travel plan. 

Job Description of Ground Staff:

  • Attend customers before and after the flight.
  • Answer any kind of queries that the passengers might have.
  • Work at ticket counters.
  • Taking care of the luggage for each passenger very minutely.
  • Making reservations for the passengers of the airlines.
  • Stocking refreshments in the aircraft.
  • Make sure that every passenger is well informed of all things that concern them.

Eligibility for Ground Staff:

  • Impressive interpersonal skills.
  • Well-groomed and confident about themselves.
  • Basic knowledge about the computer system.
  • A minimum of Diploma or PG Diploma.
  • The age requirement of airport ground staff is between 18 years to 27 years. 

Skills Required:

  • Good command over the English language.
  • Be able to deal with customers with extreme patience.
  • Should be able to multitask, since the responsibilities of ground staff are not limited.
  • Flexible about working shifts.

Process of Selection:

  • When you apply for a ground staff job at an airport, the first step for selection is a Group Discussion. A general topic is given to a group of 10-15 students and they have to discuss the topic among themselves.
  • Personal Interview is the second step of selection. The applicants that clear the Group Discussion round are taken in for an interview. If you answer the questions asked confidently, then you are good to go. 
  • The final round for the applicant is the interview with the HR. This round basically checks the communication skills of the applicant and how the applicant represents himself/herself. You need to be really confident and represent yourself smartly. This round is important because a member of the ground staff is the face of the airline. Therefore, the impression needs to be a good one. 

Salary Structure:

The salary bracket of the airport ground staff mainly depends on the type of airlines that they are a part of. Domestic and International airlines, both have their own salary structure. In general, a fresher in India can earn around INR 35k to INR 40k per month. With experience as a member of the ground staff, an individual can earn INR 40k to INR 1 lakh on an average. Also, the salary of a ground staff member in an international airline will be even more than these digits.