The Family’s Heart

Mark Freeley works as a personal injury lawyer residing in East Setauket, New York. This guys in a true animal lover who is also the proud owner of his two lovely dogs. He had always loved pets ever since he was a little kid. And even though he loves all his pets in an equal manner, there was no denying that Storm was the star of the show. He is indeed the heart of the family. He has been a big help to get Sarah to settle in after she had been rescued. He would also allow Speedo to sleep on his back some days. His gentle nature has resulted in a few troubles of his own too…

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Stroll On The Beach

There was one thing that the crew really enjoyed doing. The two dogs, Storm, and Sarah always loved to go and take a long stroll along Port Jefferson Harbor. This was a beach very close to Freeley’s home. Mark could get the hint as to why they loved spending time there so much. He believes that the two dogs like this route because they are mesmerized by the sight of boats that sail from and to the harbor.

His True Intent

Whenever they went to the beach, the dogs really liked to walk on the sand and play around. But this time, it was a little different because he had never seen his dog get so close to the water. Mark became quite intrigued because in all those times they went to the beach, Storm had never done this before. But after some time. he could see the real reason why Storm did what he did…

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Jaw Dropping Reason

As Mark was standing by the shore waiting for his dog to come back with the object that had taken his attention in the sea, he grew even more worried. Was the dog just get fooled by some garbage being thrown in the sea? Had he wasted his time and energy for some pile of trash that was dumped in the ocean? The revelation that Mark was faced with certainly dropped his jaw… It was actually a baby deer

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Going Viral

Since this was such an amazing story, Mark wanted other people to see what an amazing dog he had. He posted a video of the rescue on his Facebook page. In just a short span of time, the video garnered about 5.2 million views. This was not all. He was also asked to appear with Storm on TV morning shows and New York newspapers were all in awe of his dog’s amazing story. Mark was indeed proud of the pup.“It was so touching,” Mr. Freeley revealed, “It showed he really had a care and was worried about the fawn.”