Humans are not the only beings capable of compassion and empathy. In fact, some people might argue that there are other species that hold a more compassionate heart that we humans do. We all know about the level of loyalty that dogs possess. They would do anything for their owners and are not shy to show how they feel. There have in fact been so many rescue stories about dogs who save their families from trouble. But have you ever heard of a dog saving another animal? Well, here is a dog that went all out in trying to rescue another animal in need…

Lover Of Animals

So who is the person who owns the dog that did the unthinkable? Well, his name is Mark Freeley. He works as a personal injury lawyer residing in East Setauket, New York. This guys in a true animal lover who is also the proud owner of his two lovely dogs. His dogs are an English golden retriever, Storm, and a border collie named Sarah, He also has a rabbit called Speedo.

The Family’s Heart

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He had always loved pets ever since he was a little kid. And even though he loves all his pets in an equal manner, there was no denying that Storm was the star of the show. He is indeed the heart of the family. He has been a big help to get Sarah to settle in after she had been rescued. He would also allow Speedo to sleep on his back some days. His gentle nature has resulted in a few troubles of his own too…

Kind Guardian

And if you are still not convinced that Mark is a lover of animals, here is a good reason why you should. He actually does pro bono legal work for a few local animal rescues and has also fostered dogs for them as well. He was an effective guy when it came down to dealing with animals in need. And in the course of the last month, he took a few puppies into his custody. Storm was always helpful to them.

Lessons From His Dog

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The puppies that he took in quickly sized him up. Since he was such a gentle dog, they became very comfortable with him and turned him into a plaything of sorts. They would constantly climb over him and would also nip at his ears. But Storm would never act annoyed or irritated. Mark actually wished he were as calm and collected as he was just like his dog.

Playing Or Not Playing Fetch

And as he saw that the dogs were getting along just fine, Mark came up with an idea. Soon after he adopted Sarah, Mark thought that it an excellent time for him to try and teach fetch to both the dogs. He assumed that they would love playing it and that they would have a jolly good time at the park. Sarah was an immediate fan of fetch but Storm was quite hard to impress and include…

Not Playing Along

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It was such a shock for Mark to see that Storm, who had always been so cooperative and helpful at home become so grumpy. And despite what Mark threw at him like sticks, balls or a frisbee,  Storm absolutely refused to fetch them. Even though he was a golden retriever, maybe he was an exceptional case for this kind of fun. Mark did not expect that his instinct would pop up when he least expected it to…