Some of the best relationships begin unexpectedly. None of us know, why does one cross our path until we begin to feel a change. Not every day we meet someone who can change our lives in ways unimaginable. We meet someone or the other over time and some of those bonds and relationships turn into a beautiful friendship and at times into more special ties. Not many of us discover why did a counterpart step into our life, and when we do, it’s beyond imagination. Every fateful relationship carries a hidden meaning behind it.

This is the story of a nine-year-old girl and a cop who develop a special bond but did not realize it until the day the cop sought to his instincts to sense an unusual happening.

Smelling A Change

Do you wish to help others and serve your country and your nation? Then you might opt for a career in law enforcement. Not only one gets to bar the criminals but also gets to make the streets a safer place for the people around. Being committed to a profession like this, one becomes aware of every surrounding around them. One gets to learn about the little quirks of each person on every street. Because of the nature of their job, it’s easy for cops to notice when something was amiss just like when a girl who sees a cop daily mysteriously disappears…

Bizarre Story

However, if one truly wants to understand the bizarre nature of this story, one will have to learn a little more about this girl who is in question. Who was she? Where was she from? How and Why did she disappear? Was there a strange happening involved? These are mostly the questions that go through the minds of police officers on a daily basis while they are on their duty, and one cop knew that he had to get involved when this girl, Klynn Scales went missing.

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The Girl

Klynn Scales, a nine-year-old girl lived in Kansas City, Missouri. She lived there with her mom and two younger brothers. One would expect a child of that age playing and making the most of this phase to cherish it all in the adult life. Her life was far from usual that any kid of her age would have. Though she looked completely normal on the outer front her childhood and life on the inner side was anything but ordinary.

Challenging Neighborhood

The Scales’ house was located in a rundown neighborhood lane which was surrounded by drugs, violence, and crime. The people were all dizzy and unconscious the majority of the times. This was definitely not a place for the kids, and since Klynn’s mother was never around, being busy with her work commitments, she often feared for her children’s safety. This was not all. Things were even worse for this family.

Earning To Survive

Scales had a tough childhood. She lost her father at a very young age and her mother had to work for feeding her family. The mother could barely earn enough to suffice for the bills and food for her children. They lived in total crisis and getting a meal in a day was at times the most difficult one. Klynn being the eldest child had no other option than looking after her siblings in her mother’s absence.

Stealing With Guilt

Being the oldest sibling, Klynn had no other choice than taking charge. With no food on the table and an empty stomach with two equally hungry siblings, she dreadfully walked to her neighboring local 7-Eleven to steal some food. She struggled with a guilty conscience self but she knew it was the only way to survive. As they say, no one is born a criminal, the crisis makes them one. This poor girl too was a prey to circumstances.

 Young Siblings

Klynn knew that she had to steal food not for herself but for the hungry stomachs of her siblings. An equally young yet an older sibling had to shoulder the responsibilities. She would wander around the outskirts and would steal buns, bread and would at times even search the bins outside the food shops. On her way, she would often find police officers and soon she started acknowledging the presence of one such cop.