Easter Weekend

It was a pleasantly sunny day. A perfect day to go on a picnic with the family. Maddie and her 7-year-old sister Mollie had been waiting impatiently for the Easter weekend as their mom, Brandie had promised to take them to an amusement park. So, the day was finally there. Needless to say that the duo was very happy and excited about the trip. They knew that the day was special.  It was going exactly just the way they had planned. Whereas Brandie was busy driving that day, Maddie clicked lots of pictures in the car. However, on moving little further they got caught in a traffic jam. It was weird as to why was there so much traffic on a holiday. She soon learned that a car crash had caused the traffic jam.

What Is He Doing?

Brandie missed a heartbeat when she saw the man running towards her car. She had forgotten to lock her car in hurry. Both of her daughters were sitting inside the car clueless. The man did it all very quickly. Brandie tried to run towards the car but she was standing quite far from it as compared to the man. The only thing she could do was to pray.

Had Completely Lost It

Clearly, the 21-year-old Paul Salsman was not in a good mental state. Maddie realized that the carjacker was self-talking. Not only that, his voice was low and shaking too. This thing scared her even more. Maddie and Mollie were in a car with a mentally unstable man.Mollie was trembling with fear. She kept shouting at her mother for help. Tears were streaming down her cheek. She had never felt so scared before. Seeing the miserable condition of her sister, Maddie decided to do something that would invite more trouble.

Get Out

Brandie began shouting out for Maddie. “Once I saw Mollie out [of the car], I yelled for Maddie to get out.” “She was too busy beating the guy to realize that her sister was out,” mother explained. But was Maddie going to make it? Or was she going to be a victim of that mentally unstable youth who was not new to this all?

Running Off

By now, Salsman had understood that he would not be able to take the car away if this girl continues to disturb him. So, he decided to run off. The man opened the car door and sprinted off. The man was yet to learn his lesson. Even after a failed attempt, the man decided to steal another car.