It was any other day for Anisa Gannon, a 19-year-old girl. She partied hard the night before and consequently woke up late in the morning. She randomly picks up an apple and drives to her work via the highway 347. She was already running late and she finds herself in mid of a massive traffic jam on the highway. On enquiring, she comes to know that an accident has taken place causing this traffic. To prove her innocence to her boss, she randomly clicks some pictures of the accident. Anisa didn’t know that the pictures she clicked would leave the world puzzled.

The Simmons

Hannah Simmons, a 23-year old young female was all set to move in with her fiance, Javont’e Hopkins. They have been dating since long and were not getting married. They were the residents of  Gainesville, Georgia. Life was all good and after a year they even gave birth to a cute little baby girl named Alannah. They were cherishing the joys that came with parenthood.

Life Was Busy

With a baby, life gets a little hectic. Managing your work, home, and a baby is a tiresome task. Hannah and Javonte too were occupied with Alannah, she wouldn’t sleep all night and Hannah thus would often wake up tired and would run late for work. Alannah just learned how to crawl on her limbs and would crawl in the entire house. Life was busy for them and another life was about to step in their lives.


Taking Precautions

Hannah was taking all the necessary precautions. She had a daily routine to follow. She would go for small walks and a special yoga session. She wanted her newborn to be a healthy one. It wasn’t the first time she was pregnant, but as she already had Alannah to look after, things were a little difficult this time.