There was a heavy snowfall a night before that chilled winter morning. Dark clouds were still preventing the sunrays from reaching the surface which was covered in a blanket of snow. As the roads towards the center circle of the city were blocked, and hence, the schools were declared closed for that day. A man was taking his kids out for a ride when they noticed a strange thing which was covered in snow; a box on the roadside.

As they approached the box, it became clear that it wasn’t just an empty box. The kids ran behind their father and clicked pictures of what was left inside the box which later took social media by surprise.

School Day Off

It was an extremely cold day and most of the families were enjoying their winter holidays. No one was willing to go out of their houses unless it was for something urgent. It was a day when a couple gave up to one of their daughter’s request. She wanted to make her holiday interesting and for that, she suggested they should go out to grab breakfast.

Happy Hours

As their daughter insisted on having breakfast in her favorite outlet instead of her regular milk and cereals. Although she wanted both her mother and her father to join her for breakfast, her mother had a lot of daily chores to deal with. Her father was the only one left who could take her to her favorite restaurant that was located in the next street.

Father-Daughter Date

So, what looked like an ordinary holiday turned out to be an unplanned father-daughter date. To see her daughter happy is every father’s wish and this duo was enjoying their time together. After paying the bill, her father started to drive towards home, when the daughter made another request…

Not Ready To Go Home

She didn’t want to go straight to home rather she wanted to go for a long drive with her dad as she knew she’ll anyway get bored the rest of the day at home. She gave it her best shot and as expected her father melted just by looking at her cute eyes. Unaware of what they were soon going to encounter.

Happy Go Lucky

Plans like this one are very important in a parent-kid relationship. It even helps in keeping the kids’ trust in their parents. They were ready to hit the snowy road and have even more fun than they just had. Spending time with each other was something both of them weren’t able to do from a really long time. 

Stop! Stop!

They were making their way through the snowy roads very carefully. Out of curiosity, the girl was asking a lot of questions and her dad was answering all of them patiently with a smile on his face. After some time, when the girl started to look outside the window, she suddenly shouted on the top of her voice: Stop! Stop!