School Day Off

It was an extremely cold day and most of the families were enjoying their winter holidays. No one was willing to go out of their houses unless it was for something urgent. It was a day when a couple gave up to one of their daughter’s request. She wanted to make her holiday interesting and for that, she suggested they should go out to grab breakfast. So, what looked like an ordinary holiday turned out to be an unplanned father-daughter date. To see her daughter happy is every father’s wish and this duo was enjoying their time together. After paying the bill, her father started to drive towards home, when the daughter made another request…

Stop! Stop!

They were making their way through the snowy roads very carefully. Out of curiosity, the girl was asking a lot of questions and her dad was answering all of them patiently with a smile on his face. After some time, when the girl started to look outside the window, she suddenly shouted on the top of her voice: Stop! Stop! It was after all the troubling time that she gave to her father, the girl finally said something which convinced her father to let her out of the car right away. The girl had only one answer to her father’s question; ‘different’. According to her what she just saw out of her window was different.

Strange Box

As her father assured her that he’ll be informing her about what he sees on every step, and took a few steps ahead of her. He turned back to tell her that it was just a box and he was about to check what was inside the box. However, the moment he bent to take a look inside it, he understood it was not an ordinary box. The moment they realized what was inside and the man stood there in shock while his daughter ran to hand over his cellphone. His daughter opened the phone’s camera and started to click pictures of that moment. They couldn’t believe how inhumane some people can be. 


When they looked inside this white color box they noticed a small ginger kitten shivering with cold. Just a look at it was enough to say that she was not well. And this wasn’t all, there was more inside that box waiting to be rescued.As the daughter peeped inside the box, she noticed a second kitten who was smaller than the first one and was hiding behind it. They were definitely not going to leave those tiny kitties.

Furrever Friends

This story didn’t go viral but it did win the hearts of everyone who got to know about the father-daughter rescuing these adorable kittens. Both of them speak of the need for people to become more responsible towards their pets and not abandon them. The two kittens are true heroes of their family now. Their rescuers adopted them and now they live in their forever home, playfully. Once again, thanks to their online followers, they got cute names now which they recently started to recognize.