Stepping Out Of The Car

She anxiously stepped out of the car to see what had happened. She had never been into an accident before so she was scared at the mere thought of the damage. She was also afraid, what if someone might have seen her and feared the consequences. What would she do in this case? Would she run away or confess the mistake?

The Damage

But first, she needed to check how much damage had been caused to both the cars. Luckily her car had no dent but the other car had a small scratch which smudged the black paint in the bumper. Sydnee had mixed feelings of anxiety and guilt. She had been always careful about driving and never missed a red signal in her life. But today she was guilt-stricken and didn’t know what she should do.

The Note

Sydnee had always handled all the severe conditions in her life. No matter how hard it was, she faced the consequences because she wasn’t a fugitive. So how could she have escaped from this condition? She had to find a way to correct her wrongdoings. But how? She then thought of leaving her number on the windshield so that the owner of the car could contact her for insurance-related information. Would the things be that easy as she was thinking?


She was restless after the incident and couldn’t do the shopping afterwards.No amount of fancy clothes and glittery accessories could attract her now. All the time she was just looking at her phone and expecting it to ring anytime. Anxiousness was quite visible on her face. It was almost evening and the phone didn’t ring which was unexpected. Why the person wouldn’t have called her?

Infinite Thoughts

Her wait turned into infinity and she was having numerous thoughts. The minutes turned into hours and then the day was about to end. Sydnee thought the owner must not have seen the dent because the size was so small or else the note might have flown away in the wind and all sorts of possibilities were going on inside her head.

An Unknown Number

After she had waited for a whole day and had not received any call or message, she decided to let go. It was evening and she was busy with her daily chores when she received a call from an unknown number. She frowned a while, looking at the phone because she had never received any such calls before. Who was it? Was it the same person or a random call?