We live in a world where principles are just limited to kids’ books and are forgotten as people become adults. Most of the people forgot the lines in the moral books we used to have as kids and there is no surprise why. Long gone are the days when kids were taught ethics and now they are only limited to fiction. So does that mean the world is now deprived of morality and rules and regulations have just been erased from people’s minds? 

The Morning

It was a bright Sunday morning and like every weekend Sydnee was excited for the same. She used to eagerly wait for Sundays since the day she started her job because it was the one day when she could shop the whole day and night and would not regret it. So she woke up at the crack of the dawn and got ready within few minutes.

The Day’s Plan

As winter was about to end so there were huge sale offers in her favorite stores and she was waiting for the holiday to buy all her favorite stuff she had been eyeing on for a long time. When she got one, without wasting any more minutes she hopped into her car and went straight to the store. But she wasn’t aware of what she was expecting to be an exciting day could turn into a string of untoward events.

Skilled Driver

She had been a good driver since she started driving and never had a problem especially parking the car. She was so skilled in parking that no amount of cars could make her nervous. She was always appreciated for driving skills. Then what would have happened that day that a skilled driver like Sydnee happened to make such a petty mistake?

Window Shopping

So after hours of window shopping in her favorite stores and failing to find anything of her choice, she finally took a turn to her regular store in order to find something that she could buy. It was almost afternoon when she entered the parking lot. When she entered the place to park, she was stunned to look at the number of cars.

Parking Lot

So carefully she pulled into the parking lot, trying her every bit not to bump into any car. It was unusual to see so many cars on a Sunday afternoon. She never had any problem before that day and she was nervous that she might bump her car into the other car. Would she be able to do it without banging into another car?

Finding A Spot

So swiftly she tried to fit into the lot which was becoming a laborious job for her. Finally, she saw a perfect spot in the middle in which she could pull in. As she was tried to step out of the car she noticed it was difficult for her to open so when she attempted to back out, she heard a bang. Sydnee was startled at first with the noise and froze for a while because she suspected that what she was anticipating in her mind might have happened in real. Was her prediction true?