We never know the kind of complications we can face in the future. Our health and fortune do not depend on our own will, so we often find ourselves in the mercy or the help of other people around us. In this story, a girl is the only one around when this parent was struck with an emergency health situation. Frank was feeling low while staying at home with his daughter Savannah. She was the only one around so his life depended on how his young daughter handled the situation.

Dialing 911

When Frank started experiencing the emergency he was quick and did what he knew had to be done. As he started feeling the sting in the chest, he quickly ran to get his phone. He needed to call for help so even though he knew he was going to pass out soon, Frank managed to call 911. It was fortunate because the operator received the call followed by Frank not being able to talk to him.

Will She?

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And in the house, since Frank was spending time with his daughter, there was no one home. And so Savannah, the daughter, was the only person that Frank would be able to hand the responsibility of being looked after when his heart attack happened. What was he to do, when he had no choice? So was this baby girl going to help save her dad’s life or was she going to make things worse?

An Allergic Reaction

So what happened to Frank that day? Why did he have the heart attack and not be prepared for it? It turns out, Frank had actually been the victim of an allergic reaction and his body went in shock. This was probably due to something he had eaten. After this episode happened, Frank was now unable to move or talk. He was basically a body lying on the floor…

Ready To Help

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He was taking care of his daughter that day but on a strange twist of fate, he, in turn, needed the help and care-taking from his 5-year-old kid. And fortunately, Savannah stayed with him, by his side and was not at all hesitant to take the matter into her own hands. She knew that her dad depended on her in to save his life. She was ready to do anything that was in her power…

An Emergency

It must have been devastating for Frank to know that the only person who could help him in this desperate time of need was his little kid. But if you think about it, even the young girl must have felt quite frightened to be given such a huge responsibility. See, Savannah Hensley was just 5 years of age when the most traumatic incident of her life so far took place.

A Brave Little Kid

And during the time this happened, Savanna could see that her dad was not fully unconscious. She took the phone and started talking to the operator. She was assured that her semi-conscious dad was going to be okay, that this was not something to panic about. And so the little girl tried her best to describe the incident that took place to the 911 dispatcher.