The Day

On November 23, 1944, a very strange incident took place at an allied base in Cortonburg, Belgium. An American B-17G plane was moving fastly towards three Allied positions. It was weird as no incident of this sort had ever been recorded in history. Some of the soldiers were inside the camp whereas some were sitting outside. They all were busy in their work when they heard a roar. It was coming from the sky. They looked up and saw probably the worst sight of their life. Their heart skipped a beat when they realized that the noise was coming their way.

Nothing At All

Five minutes had already gone and still, there was no trace of a single human. However, none of them dared to go near the plane. 15 minutes passed by this way and no one stepped out of the bomber. The military people could not figure out what should they do? They were curious and suspicious both at the same time. Afterall no news regarding its arrival had been given to them.

Remains Of What?

There were half-eaten chocolate bars. He also said, “evidence of fairly recent occupation was everywhere,” However, there was not a single body onboard. Other than the chocolate bar, he discovered twelve parachute packs that looked brand new. Clearly, nobody had used it till now. It was perplexing as there was no one onboard which means the crew had fled the area with the help of parachutes.

The Biggest Question

The crew was without parachutes and a plane stayed in the air for hours. Moreover, there were reports of discrepancies in the investigations. It was not digestible that an unidentified plane kept flying miles and that too without a pilot. Apart from that, the plane managed to land itself properly. It was not convincing.

A Miracle?

Keeping Aside all the doubts and confusions, it is good that the story saw a nice end. Everything was right at the place. The crew managed to pull themselves out of the situation and the plane too got back on the ground safely without harming anyone or anything. No doubt, this one ended at a good note.