We are living in the time where technology is flooding with new inventions every day. But looking back to the ’90s makes you realize how awesome your childhood was. Gadgets and Games with not so advanced technology were part of your daily routine. TV shows that became a part of you. You may not remember them all but some will take you down the memory lane. Be ready to get Nostalgic!!

Discman Before iPod

Remember that big round-silver thing people used to carry around everywhere. The struggle was real, as it was too big to fit in your pocket. The Discman was first launched in 1984 as the first portable CD player. Sony later changed the name to CD- Walkman and therefore, the term “Walkman” came into existence. Sony sold over 400 million Walkmans including 200 million cassette players all over the world. Sony revolutionized the way people listened to music and continues to do so.

VHS And Chill!!

VHS Was The Only Option

Before Netflix, VHS was there to entertain you. Buy’em or rent them was the only option in comparison of today, where widespread availability of online content is within your reach with a single click of the button. Recording your favorite shows over the tape and watching it later was the way of downloading your favorites. Pop in the tape hit play and enjoy followed by be kind and don’t ask to rewind rule because it took 10 minutes for the tape to rewind before watching it.

From Where Did You Buy Your VHS

We all went through the trouble of going to the Blockbuster Video store to rent the movie to watch it on the VHS tape. Choosing different movies from several aisles around the store was kind of a drag as compared to choosing movies on Netflix and Hulu where you sit on your laptop or desktop and can keep scrolling through hundreds of movies available online to you. Blockbuster is gone but you might have bumped into someone special as you walk around the store which must have made this place memorable for you.

Glow In The Dark, Like A Star

So Pretty At Night, So Hard To Get Off The Wall

Not only in the ’90s but even today glow in the dark stars are really popular among the kids. Laying on your bed trying to sleep while looking at those stars which came in all different shapes and sizes giving you star gazing feel made the night more beautiful and less frightening for the kids who were afraid of the dark.

 Hit Clips ” One Minute Of  Pure Joy”

One Minute Of Magic Listening To HitClips

In 1999, Tiger Electronics launched Hit Clips and became the link which was missing between CD/Cassette and MP3. Though one minute was not enough for the lovers of N*SYNC, Britney Spears, and The Backstreet Boys which were highly popular in that era but Hit Clips managed to slide itself in the pocket of everybody who wanted to listen to their favorite singers anytime they want. The company grossed over $80 million. But eventually, Hit Clips was killed by the arrival of iPod. RIP Hit clips!!

Patience Is The Key

If you really want to know what patience is, ask the generation from the ’90s. Nowadays, getting access to the internet is not much of a task as it was back then when we waited for 5 minutes listening to that dial-up connecting siren sound. ” You got mail” alert was the most thrilling notification as compared to today when notification keeps popping up on your phone the moment you connect it with the Wifi at your home or at work and eventually you end up getting irritated.