Nicole had been meaning to get a cat of her own for quite some time now. Little did she know this is how fate will work, instead of one she found two kittens who needed a home. She decided to take them back with her. They finally had a home. Nicole named them Elli and Rossie.

A Visit To The Vet

Nicole took her cats to the vet as they were in dire need of medical care. They were both severally malnourished and had an infection. The vet took care of them and instructed Nicole on things she needs to do to care for them further. He mentioned that the kittens would not have survived another week if she had not brought them in. Nicole was happy she found her little furry family.

Bouncing Back

Ever since the day Nicole found those kittens at the farm, her sole purpose has been to nurse them back to health. She religiously took care of them, fed them, bathe them. Slowly the kittens got back to a healthy state. Now that their fur was growing back nicely, Nicole noticed they both had the same black and white fur which resembled a tuxedo. 

Getting Spirited

After regaining their health back, the kittens were slowly making themselves at home. Elli was more playful than Rosie. Sometimes Nicole would wonder that Elli acts more like a dog than a cat. She would even play fetch with Nicole, which she had never seen with a cat before. 

Happy Little Family

Nicole had found her perfect little family. Elli and Rosie would occupy most of her days. They loved to chase Nicole around the house. She got them cute beds with their names on each. Rosie was more reserved in nature, coming in to see Nicole only when she needed to be petted and fed. Elli, on the other hand, was more playful. She adored them both like she would love her babies.

The First White Spot

It has been a few months since Nicole found Elli and Rosie at the farm, they were both much healthier and happy now at their home. It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, Nicole had decided to have a relaxing weekend. She was busy painting a portrait of Elli when she noticed a white spot near her neck.