On a regular day in Reading, Pennsylvania, garbagemen do their daily duties of collecting garbage. However, their daily routine took an unusual turn when they noticed a weird noise coming from one of the garbage bags they had collected, leaving them stunned.

Monotonous Day


cat- truck

A couple of garbagemen were on their daily duties of collecting garbage from home to home, expecting it to be a monotonous day. The area they worked in, is Reading, Pennsylvania. Suddenly, they heard a weird noise from the garbage bags they collected.  

A Sudden Noise

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The garbage collectors were employees of Harold Adam Refuse Removal and when they heard the noise from the trash, they knew that they had to look into the matter urgently. Without wasting any time, they were on it. 

Truck’s Fatal Machinery


The reason that the waste collector had to act instantly was that they knew about the truck machinery. The truck had a machine which crushes the garbage.  After this, the compact trash is dumped down at a landfill space.

Had To Act As Soon As Possible

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Because of this machine, the garbagemen knew that they had to get out the thing from the trash bags, which was making the sound, and they had to do it as soon as possible. Thankfully, they discovered about the noise on time.  

Movements In The Bag

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As the garbagemen searched the truck, by following the direction from where the cries were coming, they noticed a bag in which there was some movement. The volume of the noise increased as they inched closer to the bag.  

Shock And Surprise

cat- bag

The garbagemen grabbed the bag carefully and opened it up. They found a young female feline who seemed to be abused and abandoned. Her physical state said it all. Considering her condition, the garbagemen knew that she needed immediate treatment.