Winter has arrived which implies the fact that the time for witnessing people making snowmen and snowballing each other has come. One thing is for sure that the best part of winter is that that it carries snow with itself. Yeah, I understand that snowstorms can disrupt the normal routine of people and the flow of life, but adapting and coming up with the best out of a situation is the essence of life, ain’t it? The images we are going to show you now are real-life examples of people who found out a way to spread humor in the air through their creativity and the hunger to do something innovative rather than wasting their time cursing the snow. Read on to witness some of the best and hilarious snow pictures from around the world.

Huge Snow Banks

Yes, the image you are seeing is completely real and is of a very famous road in Japan named the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. The humongous North Alpine Mountains, 3,000 meters high and called the “roof of Japan,” conceives this route across itself. The route connects the cities of  Toyama and Shinano Omachi and has become a place attracting millions of tourists worldwide every year. The line was officially opened in the year 1971 and was just a deserted spot at that time but, gradually over a period of time has acquired the status of being one of the best places for sightseeing in Japan. Honestly, traveling through this route witnessing gigantic walls made of snow on both sides would surely scare me more than being excited and thrilled.

How Much Snow Is That?

The image you see is enough to give an idea of how big these snow walls in Japan can get. This one is close to 18 feet and is unbelievably shorter than the average height of the walls that get formed because of the region receiving one of the heaviest snowfalls in the world. As a matter of fact, it takes ardent effort on the part of the authorities to remove the bed of snow and shape it into these famous “Snow Walls.” Eventually, the 500-meter-long area turns into an attractive and exotic spot for tourists to visit from mid-April to late May. As far as I can comprehend the man in the picture is trying to glorify the huge size of this magnificent snow wall by raising his hand and giving an idea that we are nothing but minuscule creatures in front of it.

Huge Snow Shark

Now, let’s move on to Minnesota a place which also receives heavy snowfall similar to the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route in Japan being talked about earlier. What you see in the image is a marvelous piece of what one can call “snow-art” by three brothers named Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz who hail from New Brighton. It is apparent that they have shaped the snow in the form of a shark. Well, this is no ordinary shark as it is about 10 feet tall and pushed the brothers to their limit as it took around 95 hours to get built. The beautiful and precisely carved fins and tail of the shark are a result of 10 hours of sincere efforts from the trio. Amazingly, this is not the first time these kids from the Bartz family have come up with a masterpiece like this, as, they successfully modeled a giant puffer fish and a walrus during previous seasons.

Snow Dragon

If you are surprised after seeing the snow shark made by the talented kids from the Bartz family, then brace yourself to witness the giant and glorious figure of a snow-dragon. Well, one message that the image conveys for sure is that the dragon is extremely annoyed with the fact of his inability to fly because of a silly mistake by the creator of not designing his wings made of snow! Yeah, the idea of chaining it to the mailbox is certainly very creative but I fear that it will succumb to the brute force of the dragon of he decided to release himself and go on for a stroll to find his wings. Obviously, one cannot shy away from the fact that it is an extremely wonderful creation by someone who just made some minor mistakes which were capable enough to annoy the dragon.

Talk About Snow Tires

“Tough times don’t last tough people do,” this quote fully suits the genius and creative man who came with the idea of purchasing the all-terrain snow tires that you can see in the image. Talk about a hassle-free and smooth ride in the thickest of snow beds and this man will be at your disposal with his wonderful creation. Though envisioning the sight of the man driving this truck in the middle of a snow desert is quite hilarious, it would come in handy for him in completing the daily tasks without any worries. It is not a creative piece of art than the ones being displayed by the creators in the previous slides but is capable of planting the seed of never losing hope and thinking out of the box in the minds of the people witnessing it.