Winter has arrived which implies the fact that the time for witnessing people making snowmen and snowballing each other has come. One thing is for sure that the best part of winter is that that it carries snow with itself. Yeah, I understand that snowstorms can disrupt the normal routine of people and the flow of life, but adapting and coming up with the best out of a situation is the essence of life, ain’t it? The images we are going to show you now are real-life examples of people who found out a way to spread humor in the air through their creativity and the hunger to do something innovative rather than wasting their time cursing the snow. Read on to witness some of the best and hilarious snow pictures from around the world.

Huge Snow Banks

Yes, the image you are seeing is completely real and is of a very famous road in Japan named the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. The humongous North Alpine Mountains, 3,000 meters high and called the “roof of Japan,” conceives this route across itself. The route connects the cities of  Toyama and Shinano Omachi and has become a place attracting millions of tourists worldwide every year. The line was officially opened in the year 1971 and was just a deserted spot at that time but, gradually over a period of time has acquired the status of being one of the best places for sightseeing in Japan. Honestly, traveling through this route witnessing gigantic walls made of snow on both sides would surely scare me more than being excited and thrilled.