If you are looking forward to becoming a teacher, the opportunities are plenty. But you need to make sure that you can prove yourself as capable for the job. Being a teacher is a great responsibility and therefore the selection process for the same is crucial. Fresher resume for teaching jobs is an important document and therefore it needs details that can make you stand out from the crowd.

If you are a fresher and do not have any prior experience in the field of teaching, it does not mean that your resume cannot make an impact. You just need to learn the right tactics and tips before you make a resume as a fresher. And before you make a resume for teaching jobs, there are some prerequisites that are needed.

As a fresher, here are a few requirements needed to become a teacher:

  1. You should have at least a graduation degree in the specialized teaching subject that you want to apply for.
  2. A consistently bright academic record is a must.
  3. You should also have a thorough knowledge of the technology that is used for educational purposes nowadays.
  4. At least a Bachelor’s degree in Education.

Tips to write a fresher resume for teaching jobs:

  1. Emphasize your skills and abilities. Since you are applying as a fresher, your skills will be the highlight of your resume.
  2. Write about all your accomplishments.
  3. Do not cram the space in the resume by giving all minute details. Include the ones that are most pertinent.
  4. Let your resume be easy to read for the eyes. The more accessible the resume is, the more are the chances of making a good impression.
  5. Have a specified format and size. It makes the resume easy to look at and read.
  6. Make sure that the resume has no punctuation errors or grammatical mistakes whatsoever. 

Important aspects of a fresher resume:

The career objective:
It is one of the most important contents of a resume. The career objective emphasizes your special skills and gives an overview of how you can prove yourself to be different and better from the rest of the applicants.

Educational Qualification:

Since you are applying as a fresher, your educational background is the main asset that you have. The more relevant the education is, the better are your chances of being preferred.


Mention your skills in detail, but do not over-stress on the skill set. And keep in mind to mention the skills that are only relevant to the job profile of teaching.


You are a fresher in the field of teaching. So every past achievement that is relevant to assure your capability of being a responsible teacher is important.

Samples for teaching jobs resume for freshers:


31/789, Kires Street, New York City

Mobile No.: 90xxxxxxxx | Email: [email protected]

Career Objective: 

I am a recent college graduate and am looking for the position of a full-time teacher. My aim is to put forward the best of my skills and experience to teach and educate the young minds around me. I am passionate and enthusiastic to work in an environment wherein I can learn and improve my educating skills.

Educational Background:

Bachelor in Elementary Education, ABC College (2019)

Bachelor in Philosophy, XYZ College (2017)


– Skilled in various technological styles used for teaching.

– Able to effectively plan classroom lectures in advance and also provide assessment exercises for the same.

– Effective interaction skills, which help in managing a disciplined class.

– Proficient in using computers for various educational purposes.

– Ability to approach problem-solving in an effective manner.

– Skilled in understanding the needs of the students.

– Ability to practice new and innovative teaching skills so that students can grasp difficult concepts with ease.

Work Experience:

Teaching Intern at ABC School (2017-2019)

  • Created various assessment sheets, lessons, assignments and lecture tactics under the supervision of a Primary Teacher of the school.
  • Assisted the teacher in evaluating the mark-sheets of the students.


– Gold medalist in Graduation for three consecutive years.

– District Topper in ISC Examination.

– School Topper in ICSE Examination.



769 A, Stanford Street, Houston

Mobile No.: 65xxxxxxx | Email: [email protected]

Career Objective:

Seeking a full-time teaching job position in the reputed ABC School, wherein I can impart my passion and knowledge of Science to the students. The aim is to prepare the young and talented minds for higher studies and the outer world.


– Passionate about teaching with great hard work and enthusiasm.

– Ability to plan and conduct interactive lessons in the classroom.

– Well aware of the modern teaching aids.

– Can plan lectures with creative methodologies in order to help students understand complex topics.

– Excellent communication skills.

– Well versed with computer technology as well as the use of the internet to research more on educational topics.

Educational Qualification: 

Bachelors in Education, XYZ University (2018)

Masters in Chemistry, ABC College (2017)

Bachelors in Chemistry, JKI College (2015)

Work Experience: 

Teaching Assistant at CBB School (2017-2019)

  • Planned and organized various activities for students of grade 3 to grade 5.
  • Drafted assessment sheets and question papers under the supervision of permanent faculty.

Volunteer at FGH Ngo (2019)

  • Volunteered in the field of education with FGH Ngo. The main aim is to offer education to children from the underprivileged sectors.
  • Taught children from the age of 4 to 12.
  • Organized various extracurricular activities for the children in order to help them learn things out of the books.

Peer Tutor (2019-Present)

  • Member of a group of students who provide assistance to other students in various subjects.
  • Created various aiding tools for students in order to promote awareness of educational topics among the students.
  • Engaging with students effectively and widely, to make sure learning is not compromised among the peer students.
  • Assisted in preparing lessons for students after taking in feedback about the kind of problems they faced.


– Gold medalist for the academic year 2018 during Bachelors in Education at XYZ University.

– Awarded as the best volunteer at FGH Ngo.

– Awarded as the researcher of the year at the annual research competition in the college.

– Stood among the top 5 students in academics throughout the school.


Shall be available upon requests.