If you thought all those hours watching CSI were a waste of time, think again. About a year ago, in March 2017, a couple of teenagers helped solve a real-life crime, saving a federal judge. Who knows if it could be you next.

Alec Yanisko, 15 years old and Joe Delvecchio, 18 years old, are two teenagers who live in Dunmore, Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania. Fun fact: Delvecchio wants to become a police officer! On that particular evening, Alex and Joe decided to ride their ATVs near the Dunmore Reservoir Nature Trails. They rode their ATVs quite regularly, and these woods were close to their homes and very popular among both hikers and quad bikers.

They probably did not expect to find a car in the woods that evening. Afterall, it is not usual for someone to park a car in the middle of the woods! It is not usual to even drive there. This car was a quarter mile (~ 400 meters) away from the nearest road and no one seemed to be around.