When two beings that share a close bond find their way back to each other after getting separated for a while, it is a beautiful sight. This story is about a Cheetah who reunited with his former human friend in an unbelievable way. Dolph C. Volker, who works as a 50-year-old respondent at the Cheetah Experience Breeding Center in South Africa took great care of the cheetah back in the day. What happened when the two met after several years away from each other will leave you teary-eyed.

Cheetah Reunion

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So let us take a closer look at what happened when this man found the cheetah in the first place. ‘Gabriel’ was the name given to this abandoned Cheetah by his human companion. He became very attached and they grew super close at the makeshift facility. They were building their relationship which grew stronger as each day passed by. Dolph C. Volker and Gabriel spent around one year together and were the best of friends. But as life went on, he had to move back to the U.S. for official reasons.