Mother nature gives shelter to many wild animals and one of the wildest and fiercest species that take refuge in nature is that of bears. Migration season led this particular family of bears to cross a river. However, the cubs proved to be incapable of doing so at such a tender age and what happened next in that river is heartbreaking and awe-inspiring at the same time.

Heads Up About Mother Bear

Just like the mother of any species, mother bears have strong maternal instincts. They are fierce in protecting their cubs and go to all lengths for their protection. So if one thinks of getting near her or her family, one needs to have some extra portions of liquid luck so as to come back alive with all limbs intact. In this incident, however, approaching them was a matter of life.

Location Of The Incident

The bewildering incident that is about to be unfolded, happened when a mother bear decided to cross the Lake Vygozero with her two cubs. It might have been for migration or because the family was looking for food. It is important to note that the temperature there can go down to -20 degrees. It can be imagined how cold the water must have been in which the cubs almost drowned. The family of the bears started crossing the extremely cold river and the mother realized too late that her cubs were not grown up enough to swim across the flowing cold river. She apparently overestimated her babies capability for long distance travel. The heavy current of the river started tearing the family apart and the bears grew anxious to be with each other.

Helpless Mother, Scared Cubs

The cubs frantically tried to hold on their mother and she too with all her strength and might tried protecting them against the fast and angry flow of the river. However, the fate seemed to have something else in store for them and they did get separated. This mother no matter how much she tried, could not live up to the famous immeasurable motherly instincts of bears. She left her babies struggling and shivering in ice cold water and made her way to the nearest island. Was it her fault though, that she thought of saving her own life before that of her cubs? Even more panicking now after their mothers abandoned them. However, there came a ray of sunshine for them on this gloomy day of their lives.

Incoming Messiahs

It was simply the good luck of the cubs that a boat carrying a group of fishermen was surfing the exact place of the river where they were struggling for their lives. The cubs, as soon as they saw an object that could help them hold on to their lives, started to swim towards it. These fishermen came as life saviors for them. Even though the fishermen wanted to help these stranded cubs, they did not want to become the victim of mama bear’s wrath either. They patiently waited for the mother bear to reach the nearest island, and as soon as they saw that they were out of harm’s way, they rushed to the rescue of the drowning cubs.

The Rescue Operation

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A video made by one of the fishermen on the boat captures the entire struggle of the cubs in trying to get on the boat. The bears could hardly hold their heads above the water, they were hardly alive. Did the fishermen make it in time? As soon as the boat was in the range of approachability, one of the bears held on to it like it was his life. As can be seen from the picture, the bear was drenched in ice cold water and was shivering head to toe. It was scared and was struggling to get to safety. It was too weak to climb up on the boat without any help. It even tried to use its sharp teeth to hold on to the various parts of the boat in the hope that they would help it to lift its body up. But because of its slippery body and weak posture, it just could not support its own weight.