Nature is the mother of every species. We can call it a universal shelter. But sometimes, this very motherly nature can turn into the horrible evil that has the capability to destroy someone’s life completely. In this article, we are going to describe that very inclemency that devastated the lives of a whole family. This family of bears faced nature’s cruelty that put their life at risk. You would not believe how far did they go to fight the nature and keep themselves alive. This story is about love, selfishness, betrayal, persistence and lots of awe-inspiring moments. Go through the slides and explore different shades of animal emotions. You can call it an animal version of I shouldn’t be alive.We also have added a video to the last slide that will make your heart overwhelmed with emotions.

Mother Bear

A mother is the best protector one can have. She can go to any length to protect her children. The same can be said about the mother bear. With a giant rough and tough body, she has a soft heart that gets really hurt if something bad happens to her cubs and thereafter what she does is something you can’t even imagine in your worst nightmare. So, you better stay away from them or if you are compelled to approach them then make sure the mother bear is not around or just have a friendly approach if you do not want your bones to be shattered in pieces by the mother bear. They say the love of a mother is boundless. But, is it really boundless or do have some limitations? Well, this story deals with this very notion and its heart-wrenching results!