Nature is the mother of every species. We can call it a universal shelter. But sometimes, this very motherly nature can turn into the horrible evil that has the capability to destroy someone’s life completely. In this article, we are going to describe that very inclemency that devastated the lives of a whole family. This family of bears faced nature’s cruelty that put their life at risk. You would not believe how far did they go to fight the nature and keep themselves alive. This story is about love, selfishness, betrayal, persistence and lots of awe-inspiring moments. Go through the slides and explore different shades of animal emotions. You can call it an animal version of I shouldn’t be alive.We also have added a video to the last slide that will make your heart overwhelmed with emotions.

Mother Bear

A mother is the best protector one can have. She can go to any length to protect her children. The same can be said about the mother bear. With a giant rough and tough body, she has a soft heart that gets really hurt if something bad happens to her cubs and thereafter what she does is something you can’t even imagine in your worst nightmare. So, you better stay away from them or if you are compelled to approach them then make sure the mother bear is not around or just have a friendly approach if you do not want your bones to be shattered in pieces by the mother bear. They say the love of a mother is boundless. But, is it really boundless or do have some limitations? Well, this story deals with this very notion and its heart-wrenching results!

Lake Vygozero

This tragic incident took place at Lake Vygozero of the Republic of Karelia. Lake Vygozero is a very cold area and sometimes has its temperature sloping down to -20 degree. This bone-cracking cold lake was going to witness a very calamitous and jaw-dropping incident both at the same time. It happened when a mother bear decided to swim the entire lake to get to its another side with her two little cubs. The reason is not clear, it might be because of food scarcity or the family was migrating to different land due to excessive cold. The mother bear was so eager to cross the river that she forgot a very vital point. And that very point was going to pose a big challenge for her. However, the family went up to the cold river and got ready to swim the icy lake. The mother bear and her two cubs stepped into the water and began to swim. It went smoothly till the water was not deep enough but as the water began to deepen the cubs found it difficult to swim further. Apparently, if they continued to swim any inch ahead the cubs were going to drown. It was clear that the mother-cub could not take into account the incapabilities of her small cubs while making this decision. Now, the situation had really worsened and she could not understand what to do. The heavy current of the lake was making the situation more difficult for them. The forceful currents were pulling the family apart. The bears were struggling hard to stay together.

The Current Of Fear

All their efforts got belittled dramatically in front of the heavy and intense current flow of water. The three fumbled hard to stay above water but were being put down by the current each time. Their mother had held her cubs tightly. Whereas the mother bear was standing tall with her giant body the other two tiny cubs clung to her. It was not the mother bear whose life was at stake but of the two cubs. It was the first time the three was facing the cruelty of nature and this disastrous flow was leading them to a devastating future. Eventually, they all bowed down to the unsurmountable flow of current and got separated. The mother got separated from her cubs! Now, these two young cubs were left all alone by themselves amid the seamless lake. Not to forget that the two were incapable of swimming. How were they going to survive? But the question prior to that is who led to them to this situation in the first place? It is their mother. Had she fought more bravely who knows she might have overcome the flow? She could have carried her cubs on her back. But she chose to let her young helpless cubs go and swam ahead to save her own life. It’s appalling! Now the question is what is going to happen with them now? Will they lose their life to nature or there would be someone who would drag them out of this life-threatening condition.

Abandoned And Scared

As the famous Charles Darwin’s theory advocates the survival of fittest it was to see whether the two were fit enough to survive the callousness of nature. As far as their mother is concerned then it had become crystal clear that she did not stand up to the expectations every individual has from a mother. She deftly made her way to the nearest island leaving her trembling and scared kids behind. It sounds really very horrific but if we think another way a question comes to us that was the bear mother really guilty? Is it bad to save own life first? I leave the answer to this question to you. Whatever your answer might be, the one thing is for sure that the abandoned cubs were going to see the hardest time of their life. We all know a life in wild is full of uncertainty. Especially when you are too young to take on problems. The problem doubles when you have the nature itself as your opponent. It becomes even more grave when your last hope abandons you in middle. And that is what was happening to these cubs. The cubs were too small to fight for themselves. They frantically fumbled their paw in the lake. With no idea how long were they going to try, it was unlikely that they would be able to survive this. But as we all know nature has always been very unpredictable. So does it mean that they are going to die? You can also see the heart-melting video of both the cubs ahead.

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Losing Hope

The cubs had no way out now. They just had been abandoned by their mother. That must have been an emotional setback to them. There was no one around who could land them a hand of help. They were all alone by themselves battling the death. Have you ever gone through a situation like this when you are completely helpless? Perhaps not. No doubt, these cubs were going through the worst situation of their lives. The cubs finally began to lose hope and were about to give up when they saw something coming their way. A ray of hope! Like I said before, that nature is the most unpredictable thing. Here also nature had different plans for these young bears. When the two cubs were struggling hard to get their lives saved, the two were approached by a boat. Call it a stroke of luck or anything the cubs were struggling for their life at the same place where a  boat was crossing them by. The cubs saw the boat coming towards them. I am sure they would have never felt so happy seeing a foreign object approaching them. On perceiving the boat, the two began to swim towards the boat as fast as they can. It’s amazing that the thing called “life” can make strangers friend. It was to see how the fishermen were going to react to the cub’s sudden appearances.