There are a lot of effects that a war has on an individual or even a nation as a whole. Although some may feel like waging wars and fighting for one’s country is a noble act, there are so many ill-effects that war has on so many people. So back in 2003, an Army Private First Class was written in the history books for her commendable endeavors in the Iraq war. The soldier became an inspiration and a beacon of hope for the people in her country. She had to go through a lot of huff and duff but in the end, she made it and has become a valuable part of her community. This soldier has seen the worst and has definitely proven just how brave and strong she is.

Like we said, the military is a rough place for anyone to toil under. So obviously there is a lot of hard work and training that goes in just to join it. This is a remarkable story of one lady who had joined the army to go through an exceptionally inspiring struggle. For some time, Jessica Lynch could be seen being splattered in the media across the states and even further. This soldier was not aware that she was about to join the military which was not honest with the media, hence the public as well. It is such a disgrace that even the military cannot be trusted these days. However, Lynch finally had the courage to speak the truth to the people and what was really behind her story.

Early Days

Just looking at this blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, one would never even assume that she would ever have the thought of joining the military. So, obviously, Jessica Lynch served as a symbol of inspiration for the American people. Her birth name was Jessica Dawn Lynch. Jessica was welcomed to this earth on April 26, 1983, in the quiet town of Palestine, West Virginia. However, just like many other American citizens, she started off with a very humble beginning and strived to make a brighter future for herself. Her main goal was to leave a mark of positivity in the world. “I wanted to improve my life and not just be there in Palestine forever,” she said. “I wanted to get out and do something.”

Soldier 2

Realizing Her Dreams

For a girl who wanted to do something in life, it was not so surprising to see that she wanted to serve her country. Since she was nearly finishing school, she was going to have to make a crucial decision. So in the year 2001, Jessica became very close to one of the most important days of her whole life. It was going to be her graduation day from Wirt County High School. What was her next move going to be then? Since she did not come from a wealthy family, Jessica’s dreams for college seemed unattainable. So joining the Army seemed like her only option to get further education. She was also set on meeting new people, experiencing a new culture and explore the world. She just wanted to leave West Virginia for something more.

Soldier 3

Those Who Can, Teach

Like most of us, Jessica was always very social and loved to be around people. Ever since she was just a little girl, there was one thing she always wanted to do. Jessica’s biggest dream was to one day become a teacher. Her dreams involved teaching young kids and hopefully serve as a positive role model for the generation to come. So, to Jessica, if she happened to serve in the military, then it would ultimately help her to receive the perfect mix of discipline and skills necessary to further help her dreams of teaching in the further stages of her life. But her dreams of turning into a school teacher was going to have to wait for a little while. Jessica would have to first serve in the military for a few years.

Soldier 31

By Any Means Necessary

Jessica was not about to let anything stop her from getting her further education. She became ever more focused on learning and getting a better education. So soon, Jessica spoke to an army recruiter with the consent of her family. This happened in the year 2000 when Jessica was still a 17 year old. She was still flooded with her high school studies at that particular time and was in no way capable of joining the military yet. Her dear mother spoke about the recruiter saying that he “did not lie to the kids. He said there was always the possibility of war in the future.” She admitted that “at that time it was before September 11, and there was no terrorism, so we were like, ‘that would never happen to me.’”’

Soldier 30

Keeping It In The Family

For someone like Jessica who was very close to her family, their support was everything to her. Jessica’s dad named Gregory Lynch was actually a self-employed truck driver who had a very sweet thing to say about his remarkable daughter. If ever there was someone who told Jessica that she would not be able to do something, her dad claims that Jessica would always make sure to do it, just to prove to them that they are wrong. In her initial training days, this was actually true for Jessica. There were so many people who did not believe that Jessica would not be able to make it to the military. So soon after her graduation was finished, Jessica enlisted. Even her brother, Gregory Jr. dropped out from his college, to join her as well.

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