Denis had never been so surprised in his entire life. Being an animal lover he had seen many helpless animals begging for help. But the behavior of this dog was completely different. What was more astounding was the reason behind his behavior. He has been on several rescue missions but this incident is something he would never forget. After witnessing this incident his thoughts about the animals have changed completely. I can bet, you too would begin to eye animals, especially dogs with a sense of respect after going through the article. Read the slides and see your thoughts transforming completely. Don’t forget to check out the 55-second long video that will surely melt your heart away.

An Unexpected Phone Call!

It was a cold month of December in 2016, the whole of Ukraine was covered with snow. Due to the excessive snowfall, the cars found it difficult to skew on the road. And it was then when Denis got a phone call that made his heart shudder. It was his friend on the other end of the phone. No doubt, the phone call was going to add an unbelievable experience in his life. After hanging up the call, Denis rushed to the sight without wasting a second. His friend who happens to be a conductor by profession told him about two dogs who were stranded on a railway track for about two days.

The Cold Sensation

December is the coldest month of Ukraine in which temperature goes down to freezing. While being on the way to the railway track, a lot of questions were arising in his mind about those dogs like how did they reach there? What are they doing on a railway track for two days? Would they be fine or the inclement weather took over them?. He had all the assumption drawn in his mind except the one. The one that he was going to witness today and was beyond his imagination. That completely changed his perception of the dog forever.

How To Approach?

He reached the railway track as soon as he can. And it took him no time to figure out the dogs on track. Clearly, there were two Siberian Huskies lingering on the track with one standing and the other sitting on the track. It looked weird! The things were not clear at all. Perhaps, the dogs did not know the harmful effect of their procrastinating nature or maybe the reason was something else that could be horrible. Whatever the reasons were but their behavior was indeed strange! Only a furtive glance on them was enough to reveal their miserable condition. In order to help those animals, Denis needed to get nearer to them. But that was not an easy feat.


In order to find out the reason behind their intriguing behavior, Denis needed to get nearer to them. So, he tried to inch closer but was stopped by the standing dog. The dog had assumed him as a threat and began to growl at him. He lowered his neck and bared all his teeth in the cold daylight to scare Denis out. It was evident by his behavior that the dog did not want Denis to come closer to him or the sitting dog. Surprisingly, whereas the standing dog was trying his best to keep Denis away the sitting one did not growl even for once. It intrigued Denis further. He wanted to know why the dog was so protective of the other one. Both the dogs looked similar. What were they littermate or someone else?

What Actually?

Denis explained in his Facebook post “Several attempts to remove the animal from the rail were in vain,” “Because the dog strongly defended her from us.” His statement clearly alludes to the protective nature of the dog. The dog did not want Denis to come closer to the sitting dog. It seemed the two were sharing some really close relationship. But the question was where had they come from and how did they reach the railway track? And what exactly happened that they could not move? The answer to all these questions is very astonishing. You might never guess how did they survive a couple of days on the track.

The Old Experience To Rescue

Being an animal lover, Denis knew that the dogs should not be approached in the open, especially if the dog is frightened. He had to handle the matter very carefully. It seemed the dog was trying to protect the female dog who was sitting beside him. Denis assumed that she must be his sister. The male dog was trying his best to keep Denis away from her. It was a very confusing situation for Denis. He wanted to help them but was unable to figure out how to approach them. The clock was ticking, he really needed to do something quickly. Otherwise, The dogs might lose their life. But the question was how was it going to do that?