The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong in the world, said Dr. Paul Edward Farmer, a famous anthropologist, physician and a humanitarian, working for the rightful cause, and said to be ‘the man who would cure the world’. We’ve no doubt that there’s a huge crowd who works for animal care, rescues and further. However, there’s more need to raise awareness about our loving buddies, especially about not interfering in their natural habitat and their rights to live. Such is the story of a girl who fought several setbacks yet it is the amazing happening of events and decisions of this girl that made her shine brighter than anyone else. This story is close to my heart and is sure to touch yours as well. And if not, then wait for the videos along the way.

However, first of all, it is important that everyone knows more about the harsh environment and a dreadful end these animals meet when there’s always an easier way for it. So don’t rush through the first few slides as that’s possibly the truth behind your daily food products!

Law Prohibits

In the words of Philip Wollen(former VP of Citibank And GM of Citicorp) a philanthropist, Animal rights today is now the greatest social justice issue since the abolition of slavery. When our nature came into existence, it granted equal rights to each species, including the plants, and the trees. But it didn’t take too long for the human minds to rule over the rest. The ruling is a whole different story, now we’ve crossed the limits where many species are on the verge of extinction and the destroyers are acting as the saviors, which is quite ironical. We’ve experimented on the helpless, hunted the wild, trapped the rare and ate the rest.

Though we’ve enforced laws for the rights of animals and investigators are spread all over the U.S. states with different roles assigned. Private organizations too have started showing interest in care and shelter programs. Besides the efforts, we fall short of results. We being the consumers of their meat makes it hard to get attached to them. Never to deny their rights to live in free quarters, free from steroid and death with anesthesia.

Slaughtering, Banned Yet Trend!

Our forefathers honored the horse as a ‘favoured’ animal like dogs and cats when this country was founded, are the words of conservatives. On the basis of a national poll, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) stated in 2012, 80% of Americans were against horse butchering. A few years back when the government passed the law that eventually banned horse slaughtering, the last existing slaughterhouses were shut down.

Still, American horses are regularly transported across the borders to Mexican and Canadian slaughterhouses, from where the meat is exported around the globe to the countries were hippophagy is legal. The ban is extended until October this year but people are in the favor of a permanent ban, including the prohibition of transportation of horses outside America.

No Cure For Birds

Chickens used to spend their lives together, digging for food, playing in the muddy water, roosting early morning, and lying under the sun, until their uncountable decedents spent a life to be slaughtered in the exhausted halls or kept for laying eggs. We doubt they themselves might’ve forgotten their traits. Undeniably chickens are the most abused creatures on Earth. Since the moment of birth, baby chicks are separated from their mothers where they live on their own. A majority of these animals spend their lives in complete jails.

In the United States, more than 9 billion chickens are killed each year, approximately 305 million hens are used for their eggs and the numbers increase with every year. Their meat and eggs are consumed much more than any other animals. Yet there’s no law to save them, turkeys or any other birds in “the humane rights.” When actually most of the Americans are willing to support this cause! Want to know more about the extreme disaster? More than 200 million chicks (just borns) are buried alive or left in bags to suffocate as they are neither required by the meat producing industries nor for breeding. The rest, allowed to live for a while are soon transported to slaughterhouses in small crates stuffed with many. Don’t forget the transportation continues in extreme climates for long distances, millions die of this stress and rest suffer injuries, broken wings and legs due to all inhumane handling. After reaching, their throats are cut while legs are shackled and then to remove their feathers they’re hanged under hot water! Nothing new for slaughterhouses to directly put them through hot water if the throat cutter is missing, when they’re alive!

Cows Aren’t Spared Either

How should I describe the ordeal that these friendly loving souls go through? Yes, it could get worse when they are hit with a bullet and sometimes they are hit twice even thrice and most of the times all this goes on when the poor cows are again in their senses. Surviving merely on dairy sheds and then facing the hellish rides to these slaughterhouses, the journey can sometimes take few days. Meanwhile, they stay typically without food and water and 40-50 cows with no space to move. While they collapse in hot weather, the cold climate freezes many on the sides of trucks and are pulled out with crowbars. When unable to walk out due to weakness ‘the downers’ (as they are called in the industry) are dragged from the trucks. So much pain, is the word pain even enough for something as brutal as this?

Pigs Too In The List

The pigs are no different from the rest, they stand right in the queue of injustice with the piglets kept away from their mothers since birth.“They blink. They make noises, the head moves, the eyes are wide and looking around… They die piece by piece,” one experience shared in words. Is that’s the only fate that awaits cattle? This article gave us an experience through the unacceptable reality. As we told you the story is about change and most of all about the girl, who started a wave of change from her end.

Just Another Girl

We love them, we adore them but we don’t do much for them. Caitlin Stewart, a New Jersey-raised, 32-years-old whose inspiring story we’re about to share with you was just an ordinary girl till her 20s. Caitlin Cimini was an animal lover since childhood when her summers were spent learning horse-riding. She loved them all but horses have been her first love. But something stopped her from getting too close to them. She admits that she always wanted to work for their betterment. Though something kept her stopping.