The Harrison family from South Carolina have a very helpful habit. They love to nurture injured and ill animals to regain their health. They always try their best to nurse them back to health so that they can return to their natural habitat. When they randomly took care of a baby squirrel, the family never expected that 8 years later, something amazing would happen…

An Exceptional Squirrel

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If you have never met or seen a squirrel then you are probably living under a rock. We know that squirrels usually refrain from spending time or having contact with humans. They are quite timid and fearful of almost every other living being. They usually spend time looking for food and roam about in the trees. This baby squirrel was quite the exception though.

Getting Rescued

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It was quite unexpected for Brantley Harrison to meet with the little squirrel. The baby squirrel was found wounded and it appeared as though it had been attacked by an angry owl there in South Carolina. Harrison was very fond of animals so helping injured animals was a natural thing. The family took the squirrel in and named her Bella.

3 Other Squirrels

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Bella was residing with three other squirrels even when she was under Harrison’s care. Like we had mentioned earlier, the whole family was quite fond of animals so it was not a big surprise that they already had other squirrels as well. As soon as all of them were nursed back to health, the family decided that it was the perfect time to keep them back to their natural habitat.

Returning Home

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Squirrels are not really friendly or ever interact with humans so a very strange thing happened. But for the Harrison family, since they would take in several animals in, it was not a shock to see that some of these animals would return to their place in a week’s time. Even when these animals came back, they would eventually go back to their homes but Bella was once again an exception.

Not Stopping

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Squirrels loved food so when Bella was living with the Harrisons, they fed her abundantly. Maybe that was something she really enjoyed. So during the time Bella was initially released, she sometimes came back to the Harrison home in search of food and treats. It was not out of the ordinary for the family. But Bella did not stop and continued doing this…

8 Years Later

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As time went on, 8 years had gone by since the day they first released Bella back into the wild. “Bella sits right at the front door waiting for someone to notice she has come by for a visit,” Brantley explained, “She has even resorted to jumping over the dining room window to peer in for someone to see her.” What a strange little creature right?