Nothing can compare to the kind of love a dog has towards his master. It is truly an unconditional type of love that we as humans often look for in other people. This dog here proved to be an important factor in this remarkable story involving love and loyalty.

The Unconditional Love of a Dog

The best perk of owning a dog is getting to feel their undying love. Dogs make the best pets because of their loyalty, love, and devotion towards their owners. Even though at times dogs tend to get a little mischievous, they always make it up to their masters by being there for them.

The Perfect Companion

One such dog that made its owner very happy was this dog right here. The owners of Saki said that she was literally the perfect companion. But like many dogs, there was a problem with Saki. She had a habit of escaping from the backyard and running out without supervision. 

A Hard Knock Life

Saki was originally from Sacramento, California. She was a rescued stray dog that found her way into the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The shelter found that Saki would make for an efficient service dog because of her exceptional temperament and cleverness.

Resisting Training

A service dog trainer named Danny took Saki in and did not waste any time to train her. Saki initially showed signs of potential but then it was soon revealed that she was not interested in the whole service dog life. There was something holding the dog back.

The Blonde Boy

The trainer Danny did not get the reason why Saki was not cooperating. Saki had all the traits that were fit for a service dog to possess. There was one big problem. This problem came in the shape of a young boy with blond ringlets that had distracted Saki.

Delayed Development

A six-year-old boy named Danny Mangold who stayed in the same street was this distraction. Danny had become a very introverted young boy who had faced many obstacles coming his way. His doctors could not pinpoint what was wrong with him. He, however, found friendship in Saki.