Getting Into the Groove

The Cook Strait - Shark and Dolphins

Adam Walker wore his first GPS tracker for other people to know exactly where he was. Since he was a little nervous when he came to grab his first snack, Phil advised him to snap out of this nervous mindset. Walker still felt a little sick after going in for the second round. His legs were feeling a little jelly and his nerves were getting the best of him. By the time he came to get his second drink, Walker felt like it was finally time to stop holding back and put all of his training into action. His third hour soon came and when he went swimming, an amazing thing took place.

A Fin Appears

A Fin - Shark and Dolphins

After over three hours of swimming, Adam Walker was soon getting into the rhythm and soon lost the need to stop after every hour while he was swimming. His stomach was fine now and he felt unstoppable. And then suddenly, as he was about to take a breath of air for his next stroke, he saw that a fin surged right past him. He was so shocked to see that this creature was right beside him. He looked underneath and saw that it was encircling him.

Dolphins And Something Else

A Pod of Dolphins - Shark and Dolphins

A school of dolphins had surrounded him and Walker was overcome with shock and disbelief. It felt unreal to him and he was happy to see that the dolphins were friendly enough to come near him. But then, he was in for a big surprise to see the real reason as to why they were doing this. He was distracted for a good 15 minutes but soon realized that we would have to continue with his swim. He then noticed that there was a huge dark creature lurking on his behind.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Look Down

Shark - Shark and Dolphins

When Adam Walker took a closer look at the creature that was next to him in the deep waters, he realized that it was, in fact, a shark! Even though he knew that sharks were common there in the place where he was swimming, this sudden appearance left him unprepared. he did not know what to do. He soon felt very scared and did not expect to see this big scary creature next to him. He felt the need to find some safety and he was a little relieved because he felt like the dolphins had his back.

What Now?

Adam Walker Swimming - Shark and Dolphins

Adam Walker did not want to waste Phil’s energy by informing him about the shark. The mere mention of the shark being there would also mean the end of his challenge. The last thing he wanted was the challenge to stop and so he did not tell Phil about the shark. Walker was, in fact, enjoying being around all the dolphins as well. But, still, he could not shake off the feeling that there was a scary shark right below.

Shark Encounter

Adam Walker Swimming - Shark and Dolphins

Since this was not the first time Walker found himself in the midst of sharks, he felt that he need to focus on the ultimate goal and just ignore the shark away. He still made a few peeps down to see the sharks though. He had to find out whether the shark was just swimming about or trying to take a bite off of him. The fact that he was actually swimming with dolphins and a shark was something he had never experienced before. So Walker was equally frightened and excited.