A Clean Slate

Their task was proving to be more tiring than they had expected. Hollie was starting to feel a little defeated but even so, they went on to rip off the old carpeting in the process. They were slowing making progress which was way slower than any of them expected. When they took off the family’s old carpet, the easiest way they could dispose of it was by throwing it out from the window.

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

The girls must have been fooled thinking that these makeover shows take just a few minutes when they watched it on television. This is because they underestimated how long their Christmas gift would take to be fully completed. The girls soon realized that they needed more manpower so they called upon other boys to help them. Their hope was that these guys were available to help…

Pooling Together

As Hollie and her sisters’ plan went on, they wanted to make sure everything was up to date and that they replaced everything old with new. This would mean not just cleaning and repainting but also contributing money to get new furniture for the home. They realized getting new furniture was less stressful than getting rid of the old. Their videos show them hilariously attempt to dispose of the old items of the house.

Flexing Their Abilities

The four girls were certainly finding it exhausting to do the job but some of them were quite accustomed to physical activity. Eldest sister Heather has actually participated in a workout accountability group where she helps people attain their fitness and wellness goals. Halice has also studied and received a degree in exercise and sports science while the house was renovated.

Playing To Their Strengths

The Schoonover sisters were not far apart in age so working together came quite easy for them. A massive task such as renovating an entire house would not be possible if the people working together could not communicate well with one another. Each girl could make use of her skills and the other sisters would follow without hesitation. The family past time of geocaching has definitely helped them cooperate better.

Hitting The Hurdles

If you have ever taken up a task as big as this, you would be well aware of the hardship that it entails. Most people end up feeling like they had been slacking on their fitness and health for years.  As they approached their third day, the sisters were beginning to feel like they were not capable. They looked around and saw the little progress they had made, getting their spirits down a little.