Do you remember how school was as a kid? For some, school is a beautiful memory where lifelong friends were made and everything went our own way. But for some, a school was a complete nightmare where some of the most hurtful indents took place. As a teenage girl, who would ever want to be called out for the way you dress, that to by the school teacher of all people? When this young girl went to school wearing a blue dress, the teacher had a few comments to make. But then her dad’s statement had everyone talking…

What About It?

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There are guidelines and policies in schools that people have to follow. You cannot just waltz in school and do whatever you like. These rules are meant to maintain decorum in the school campus on grounds of behavior and clothing. Clothing guidelines differ from one school to another. There is a strict zero-tolerance policy in most school where short dresses are. Demetra Alarcon was attending one of these schools. Later her dad joined in…

Embarrassing Situation

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In a school as strict as hers, this 13-year-old named Demetra Alarcon was facing trouble. She is just one of the few teenagers who was penalized because she was wearing clothes that were deemed inappropriate by the school. Teachers would often have to measure a student’s clothing if it reached knee length. So the teacher would often take action on kids that were not abiding by the rules.

Not Predictable

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But some of these teachers would often get a little too intrusive and involved. There have been some students who are made fun of and scrutinized by some members of the staff as well. These instances often result in an awkward and troublesome situation where things can go extremely south. But then, Demetra’s case was something that no one was able to predict…

Summer Is Here

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And so whenever summertime approaches, it is common for everyone to start wearing summer clothes. The heat gets too much for one to remain covered up so shorts and tank tops are a favorite during these months. For kids, spending so many hours of the days in school basically means that they need to be comfortable in what they wear. But this still does not avail little girls from being free to wear tank tops or short dresses to school…

Comfort Wear

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Some girls even find themselves getting sent to the principal’s office if their clothing is considered too tight but the teachers. How can you blame these kids though? When the weather gets too hot and heavy, it would be the most practical thing to do to wear loose fitting and short clothing. There are so many girls who fall into trouble because they want to be comfortable in their school wear.

Meet Demetra

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So just like the girls who wish to wear these comfortable clothes during summer, this incident happened to a 13-year-old school girl named Demetra Alarcon. She was a normal school girl living in California. She is an ordinary kid who enjoys anything that normal kid her age would enjoy doing. But there was trouble coming her way when she least expected it.