It is every couple’s dream to become proud parents. As and when they come to know that they are expecting, they are on cloud nine. Probably, no one else can feel the emotions they are going through. They would begin with all kinds of preparation, right from buying new clothes, stuff toys to cute little accessories they will do it all. Some would even begin designing a room for the little one. An unborn baby can gift you so much joy that you feel like reciprocating it with all that you can. This man gifts his daughter a secret room and you will be surprised to know what she finds inside.

The Family

A couple from England was living a typical married life and followed the usual chores. They were having a stable life until the day they found they were going to to be parents. The news of their expecting bought an altogether new joy in their lives. It instantly spread happiness around them. They started looking up to the next day followed by months. They couldn’t wait for their baby’s arrival. The excited would-be parents began with the preparations.

The Preparations

With every passing month, the to-be parents would put their preparations on an elevator. They bought toys, baby cradle, water sippers and diapers, baby pram and what not. Amidst all this, there was something unique which the father wished to do for his unborn child. He wanted it to be something different, something that no one ever did before. But, what could it be was still a question? How can it be so special that a newly born could be amazed at it?

The Gift

What this father plans for his baby will amaze you. A secret room. Yes, you read that right. Nothing would have been more unique than this. Isn’t it? Gifting your newborn a secret room is something probably none will even think of. Well, this father just turns a space in his home into a secret room to gift it to his child. How a baby, who is barely born can use this gift? Why does the father do that? What resides in that space?

The Wait

Soon the nine months of the pregnancy phase passed. The couple gave birth to a baby girl, a daughter, something they earnestly desired. Their happiness knew no boundaries. The couple gave all the love and nourishment to the infant. But when were they going to give her the gift they had been preparing since the day they discovered their pregnancy?

The father decided that he will wait until the day his daughter turns six years. He wished to gift her the secret room as a birthday present. Probably, she would be able to use it then.

One To Six Years

As time flew, the baby girl marks her development from an infant to a toddler and to a preschooler. She was turning into an inquisitive girl. She would question and inquire about everything to her parents. Her curiosity about the world made her an interesting being. The father thought that instead of presenting her the secret room in an easy manner, he would arrange a treasure hunt for his ever-curious daughter.

The Treasure Hunt

The father took hints from various fictions and started with his work to create a treasure hunt for his daughter. He made an interesting map of the location where the secret room was situated in his house. After hours of hard work, finally, a map, though quite simple was created. The father made use of easy landmarks on the map so that the daughter could easily locate the hidden room.