Life is unfair, this we all know. Things never go our own way, and even if it goes our own way, it usually changes course in just a matter of time. We plan something out then something or someone tends to spoil everything. Therefore, we can agree that when people obstruct us or cause trouble for us, revenge can be sweet. This is one such story where a farmer had to deal with people who were not respecting his space and had to be taught a lesson… So what exactly happened?

He Was Sick Of It

To constantly have to deal with people parking in your lot would be such a headache right. And so, this poor farmer was getting more and more upset since they did this again and again. He wanted to keep a level head and remain calm but it was getting to his nerves. The farmer wanted to have a peaceful resolution but judging from the way these people responded, he had difficulty keeping cool.

No To Diplomacy

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These people would not listen to him and would keep on parking their cars, taking up the space that he needed himself He had every right to get mad since it was his own property. It was starting to get clear that diplomacy was not going to solve this issue. What could the poor farmer do now? He then decided to come up with a plan that would later jolt him to internet stardom.

Animal Instincts

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We all know that every human being has his limits. Even if a person is kindhearted and humble, we each have a limit to where people can take advantage of us. And especially as adults, we frequently fall under pressure to make tough decisions having to deal with difficult people. These type of situations often lead to anger and altercations. It gets easy to hold up a fist and resort to physical fights.

No Pushovers

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Even during the most stressful times, only mature and grown people get to resolve issues peacefully. While kids and youngsters quickly argue and fight, adults tend to talk things out in a cordial manner. There is nothing to gain when we let anger get the best of us. At the same time, we must remember that being a pushover is not a great option either.

A Nice Guy
He Tried To Be A Nice Guy

There is one advantage of living in a rural community. What might that be? Well, there is a huge chance to live peacefully with your neighbors. Since the population is fewer than in cities, it gets easier for locals to get along and be friendly. Davao Bedekovic had this notion about staying in the rural areas. Bedekovic was happy to live in the village of Jakusevec in Zagreb, Croatia.

Trying To Be Patient

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He was glad to be living in a very scarcely populated area. He likes his privacy and the personal space he had for himself. However, it was unfortunate because his neighbors were slowly gently on his nerves. He was a man who wanted things to run smooth and peacefully so he did his best to be patient, to let the thing be. However, things were getting out of hand…